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1. Natal Chart Interpretation

Natal Astrology Chart

This is the perfect reading if you are new to astrology, want to learn more, or simply want to know what's going on in your "personal myth"..

A birth chart may be likened to your own unique "road map"...

For best results, your exact birth time, location and date are requested. If you do not know this information, we can still see where all the planets were on your birthday!

2. Compatibility*

(*two or more people - requires Natal Chart for each)

Great for couples who desire to go deeper into intimacy (into-me-see)

When we can see what energies are working with each individual then we can create a space for a new "being" to evolve from the relationship.

Excellent for a family or group-dynamic that seek a deeper understanding of why they are together and ways to integrate energies in home or business.

3. Astrology & Tarot Consultation

astrology wheel

A combination of your

 Natal chart, upcoming transits,

Tarot & Angel Cards and

 intuitive insights.

Utilizes Star's complete set of symbolic tools and insights to provide you with the highest level of accuracy and intuitive awareness.

You receive an in-depth Astrological Consultation, e-Book, Transits and an intuitive "look" with Angel and Tarot Reading, all woven into a succinct, easy to follow, empowering and informative session. Recorded and sent via email.

4. Astrological Chart with Medicine Wheel Astrology


Star takes you on a journey from the beginning of your Natal Chart and life’s path and highlights experiences and the lessons that brought you to this NOW moment. You receive an easy to read e-Book explaining basic astrology interpretations.

Next is the Transit Chart (where the planets are now) and we see where the activity is, which house of your chart is influenced and has the most focus.

She also looks at The Medicine Wheel and then shares your personal "medicine"; your Guardian Guides with the 4 Directions, Totems, Clan, power stones and what energies are now working and for how long. Questions or concerns are addressed at the end of the session.

Session is approx. 1 hr and digitally recorded, sent by email

To set up your appointment, please call Star: (208) 627-2262 or e-mail

My intention is for those interested in Astrology to have their own natal chart

and the understanding of their personal "map".


"As a professional Astrologer & Intuitive I also offer my interpretations that provides a much deeper meaning of your life's path. I want to work with you to have an understanding of your strength & weakness, challenges & gifts of your personal journey. It is my honor to serve in anyway possible to assist in the evolvement of our World."  Namaste' - Star Savoy



6 month transit reading

Angel & Tarot reading

30 minute follow up

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All readings available as a pre-recorded Intuitive reading (without phone consultation).

In person and phone readings available on CD or e-mail file upon request.

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