Journey through the Planets…

The following is guideline to the energies at work according to myth.

Using an Astrological calendar will help you to recognize the symbols in the Ephemeris.


Sun – The personality and how you allow others to “see” your light. Physical strength and energy. The ego & character is found here.

Jupiter – luck, opportunity and expansiveness. Allowing optimistic Universal gifts and blessings. Tendency towards Exaggeration.

Moon - your subconscious, secret inner feelings and deep emotions. It is our soul's longing & fulfillment. Moodiness, sensitivity & psychic ability.

Saturn – focus, place of fear, discipline and mastery. The “Teacher” and the student as one. Constructive limitation.

Mercury – how you communicate and express your personality. Mental process, thinking and speaking. Loves to learn new things & network.

Neptune – visionary and dreams of the illusionary part of ourselves. Spirituality or confusion. Very sensitive psychic connection.

Venus – how you express your creative nature. Art, music and the senses. It is our expression of our Love nature. Feminine energy.

Uranus – Divine connection with our intuitive nature. Unexpected surprises and inspirations. Sudden changes and awakenings.

Mars – your aggressive nature and ability to use determination. The “warrior” that is determined to reach goals successfully. Masculine energy.

Pluto – where we transform to be our “true” selves. Letting go of what no longer serves. Evolvement. Surrender.


Asteroids are another symbolic aspect of the chart that reflects subtle energies we find useful

in the interpretation. They represent another facet into the myth of who we are!


 CHIRON - is an asteroid that travels between Saturn (representing our Earthly limitations) and Uranus (our Higher mind) that are communicating to each other... It bridges the two, so that we may heal anything that keeps us from being whole. The location (sign & house) reveals the area that is wounded; it is also the "Teacher" and "healer", sharing knowledge and experience when we mature into it.


* CERES - the first asteroid to be discovered on New Year's Day in 1801. It is also the largest. Named for the Earth Goddess and mother of Persephone, this asteroid represents the process of motherhood and nurturing in the individual's chart. The house shows where we want to nurture

others and the sign shows how we do that.

*PALLAS (short for Pallas Athene) - The second asteroid to be discovered in the year 1802. Pallas, astrologically, identifies the wisdom and pursuit of intellect in a person's chart. It represents the creative use of the mental faculty in combination with ageless wisdom. This is also a “warrior(ess) energy that is very independent courageous and confident.

 *JUNO - The third of the major asteroids to be discovered in 1805. Juno is the wife aspect of the four asteroids and of course, the consort of Jupiter and thus the astrology of Juno represent the partnering energy of intimate relationship. Much of the interpretation has to do with boundaries in relationships, jealousy or attitude in partnerships. She is adamant about faithfulness in marriage.

* VESTA - Discovered in 1807, in mythology, Vesta is a sister of Jupiter and Juno who chooses to remain a virgin and will not marry. (Vestal virgins were called that because they did not marry, however it did not mean they were virgin). She is also the Goddess and keeper of the sacred flame of truth and integrity and thus her symbol is the flame. Asteroid Vesta is interpreted as helping another with issues of a personal nature and the effects of sexual intimacy and healing.


 NORTH NODE - this is where we find our DESTINY, where we aspire to go to fulfill our life’s purpose. Traveling to uncharted experiences, it also represents the more challenging aspects in our lives, the path that has the most growth and teachings.


  SOUTH NODE - this is where we are complacent, a place of comfort and knowing. We may sabotage our destiny from here, fearing to go for our dreams, settling for the mediocre, rather than risking change. The sign and house show the area we already know. The exact opposite house and sign show where the “potential” for our highest good is. It is the “treasure map” and the teaching is the treasure.



Rx RETROGRADE - this is a term used when a planet is apparently going backwards in motion (from our perspective here on Earth). It represents areas in our life that need a little extra focus, going "back" for lessons. The planets are always appearing this way at different times. In your personal map it reveals those areas needing the most attention in this lifetime.

Journey through the Houses…

By knowing the exact birth time and location, the Astrologer is able to accurately "place"

the planets in the correct "houses".


The chart represents 2-dimensions our 3-dimensional Earth and itsrelationship

(and therefore ours as well) to the cosmos.


It gives a better frame of reference for the interpretation.

This also gives the "rising sign", (ascendant) or the sign on the 1st house cusp.

It is the constellation that was "rising" on the Eastern horizon the moment

you took your first breath. This is your "rising sign" thus your outer personality,

how others may see you.


We can only know this by your accurate birth time;

otherwise we "reconcile" this intuitively, often through physical clues.




There is an "order" present when looking at an Astrology chart (wheel)

A circle of focus, 12 equal "houses" (each with 30 degrees, totaling 360)




Journey through the Zodiac…




This is a guided meditation to see how all the energies flow

together creating this wonderful "Journey ..." 

Feel how one sign moves to the next, evolving

into the Oneness Of All That Is.



ARIES - 3/21—4/20

“I AM” afraid of nothing and ready for any adventure! With MARS as my guide and mentor, I have a great deal of energy, enthusiasm, courage and determination. “I AM” Fire... creative energy...

I AM” ready for the journey... 

TAURUS - 4/21-5/21

“I HAVE” the ability to acquire any materials needed for the journey, I manifest with ease. VENUS guides me in beauty... music, art, poetry, all at a reasonable price! “I HAVE” a passion to fulfill the senses, I AM Earth, grounding excessive energy, in the here and now.

GEMINI - 5/22-6/21

“I THINK” we need to communicate our ideas and thoughts in any way possible! MERCURY my guiding planet moves swiftly, receiving lots of information about many subjects. I AM Air... constantly moving, networking with life and sharing information.

CANCER - 6/22-7/23

“I FEEL” when it is time to rest and nurture the body, mind and Spirit. The MOON guides me to intuitive “feeling knowing” and the emotions are my barometer to what is truth. I

AM Water... and rejuvenate to go with the flow, sometimes a rushing current; other times a deep quiet ocean of dreams.

LEO - 7/24-8/23

I SHINE” now that I am rested, let me entertain you in a grand manner... Royally!! The SUN provides a spotlight and I love to share my passion for life. I AM Fire... the creative energy and show through example what others are dealing with... ego based or love.

VIRGO - 8/24-9/23

I ANALYZE” everything that has happened so far...who I AM, what I HAVE, what I THINK, how I FEEL, and how I SHINE. MERCURY guides me to discern the details, and communicate through service rather than words. I AM Earth... practical, enjoying the simple beauties of life, when not dealing with being critical of self or others. We now enter into a world that includes others.

LIBRA 9/24-10/22

“I BALANCE” polarities; male/female, you/me, that place where opposites become one..."we", uniting and integrating another’s perspective. VENUS guides me to a love of beauty and harmony, creative energy in artistic form, dancing with the rhythms of life. I AM Air... and love the mental stimulation of this incredible life experience, often living someone else’s dream. I begin to see ME as reflected in others... 

SCORPIO - 10/23-11/21

“I DESIRE” to take this journey to the deepest place of humanity, the secret world where creative energy is stored and released when the time is right. PLUTO guides me to the place of surrender...where my greatest desire is to be free... from doubt or fear. I AM Water... constantly changing and being transformed, by letting go of a need to control, and allowing all that I DESIRE to manifest.

  SAGITTARIUS - 11/22-12/20

 “I VISUALIZE” the many paths to the mountain top, each being perfect for different individuals. My love of travel, philosophies, and beliefs keeps life exciting for social activity and sharing.  JUPITER guides and protects, offering an abundance of choices and experiences. I AM Fire... unlimited creative energy, shooting my arrow towards all possibilities imaginable.

CAPRICORN - 12/21-1/20

 “I UTILIZE” everything that is around me, in practical ways. Work is my focus, future generations my motivation. SATURN guides and assists in my being able to accomplish goals, with determination and loyalty to whatever is needed, especially for the “family”. I AM Earth... grounded in deep passion for living in the now moment.

AQUARIUS - 1/21-2/18

“I KNOW” through my gift of intuition, that there is only One human family... we are ALL connected on a Spiritual level. I set others free by being individually unique, innovative, and rebellious at times, and apparently detached. URANUS guides me to freedom from outdated belief systems, assisting me to listen to my own inner wisdom, and participate with our Global Family. I AM Air... and love to travel in all ways imaginable, bridging the gap of cultures and generations.

  PISCES - 2/19-3/20

“I BELIEVE” in dreams, visions, and the unknowable. My passion comes from inner strength rather than someone else’s belief system, as I cultivate my universe into something that fits into this human reality. NEPTUNE guides me on a magical journey into believing that anything is possible if you can see it, you can achieve it! I AM Water... that is ever changing forms, steam, ice, river, and rain, all coming back again… starting the journey anew.




Your chart will have these elements.

 Which do you have more of?

Are you more masculine or feminine in your approach to life?

 Are you more passive or positive?



Every sign belongs in one of three categories

(These are the basic modes of energy in your chart)




Earth signs (feminine) are practical, sensual, and patient

and are passive.



Taurus is focused and determined to achieve.



Virgo is analytical and discriminating with an eye for detail.




Capricorn is practical and accomplishment is the goal.





Air signs (masculine) are mental, inspirational,

work through intuition and are active.




Gemini is the communicator and gatherer of information.



Libra is the diplomat and balancer of wisdom and justice.




Aquarius is intuitive and inspirational, uniquely individual.





Fire signs (masculine) have great joy, energy, enthusiasm, impulsiveness

 and are active.


Aries are impulsive, courageous and ready for the experience of life.




Leo is controlled and is the organizer for any grand event.





Sagittarius is wisdom and understanding, the executive optimistic.





Water signs (feminine) are emotions, reflection, nurturing

and are passive.



Cancer represents fertility, “mothering” energy and the human family.





Scorpio is mastery of the emotions, secretive and passionate.





Pisces is wise use of emotions, compassion and understanding.


Aspects in the chart


These are often included in an interpretation of your chart. Each represents aspects of the planets in relation to one another. Your chart will include these aspects or check out the *calendar (see Jim Maynard’s Celestial Guide Calendar) and see what’s going on for the day. It can be especially useful while observing the “mood” around you and others.


The following information may be very helpful in understanding your chart more fully.

  Conjunction: The most powerful aspect because it indicates the same degree of the same sign for two planets. This aspect can be very intense and sometimes on the negative side, combustible. Conjunction expresses the creative energy of both planets involved.

 Sextile 60°: This is a positive aspect for the planets involved. The effect is usually influence of functions in the intellectual world of ideas. Mental facilities are heightened and more interests are researched with this aspect. This expresses itself through the skill of written or spoken communication. This is the sociable aspect.

 Semisextile: 30°: This is considered one of the weaker aspects of the chart but none the less can have influence on the planets involved. Most often it represents flowing of energies of the sympathetic pairing of the planets. It does allow for entry of new information.

   Semisquare: 45°: Also considered a weaker aspect of the chart. This angle results in planetary energies that conflict in subtle tension and usually calmness is required.

 Quintile: 72°: Another positive and powerful aspect. The planetary energies are positively linked with subtle and spiritual in dimension. Independence and strong will are indicated with this aspect.

Square: 90°: One of the harder aspects, it indicates the planetary energies are in conflict. This internal and creative tension often brings rich rewards over time.

 Trine: 120°: Another positive aspect where the planetary energies flow smoothly and the connection is easy and beneficial.

 Sesquiquadrate: 135°: This aspect can be challenging because the planetary energies are in conflict in determined tension, control is required.

 Inconjunct: 150°: As the name implies it is the opposite of conjunct. The planetary energies do not flow smoothly and one or the other predominates. Discrimination is advised with this aspect.

 Opposition: 180°: With this aspect the planetary aspects are polarized. It is more likely that outer events stimulate their interaction. The challenge here is to integrate.



Learn astrology by following the daily calendar, feeling the signs of the Moon

(it changes approx. every 2 ½ days) and watching the energy shift with the

changing signs of the planets


Suggested reference:

Jim Maynard’s Celestial Guide Calendar




Suggested books:

“Asteroid Goddesses” by Demetra George


“Spiritual Astrology” by Jan Spiller


“Chiron” by Barbara Hand Clow




Lady Star shares the following is information received

from Sun Bear and Wabun Wind’s book

*“The Medicine Wheel - Earth Astrology”.


Also included are my notes of experience with

Sun Sign Astrology...

Traditional symbol and meaning, motto, power stones

& colors, *Animal Guide (totem), mystical messages,

and the planetary influences.

FREE printable guide <click link>

"PERSONAL MYTH" - Medicine Wheel Astrology Reference Guide 




Used with permission and *based on “The Medicine Wheel. Earth Astrology” by Sun Bear and Wabun Wind.



The Ram is focused on the goal, blazing new trails, independent and impulsive. It is also symbolic of the first "sprout" of Spring time, working its way up from the depths of Winter, into the Sunlight. New growth and new beginnings are assured. Challenge: being self centered rather than centering the self. Temper may be an issue and learning to control emotions a necessity.         

Motto: "I Am" ready... let the adventure begin! 

Fire Sign: Aries radiates inner enthusiasm and love to be involved in new projects. Although often blurting out "truths" inadvertently before thinking about it, they use charm and wit to win others over and are fun loving by nature! They have the courage and determination for new adventures and love to meet new people and learn about other cultures. They always bring a refreshing “innocence” to any setting and have a playful nature.

Animal Guide: Red Hawk - reminding you to be aware of your surroundings, alerting you to opportunities or dangers.  It deliberately circles around to get an overview and has extremely keen vision. Hawk can be "puffed up" with self importance (egotistical) or a messenger of ancestral wisdom when humbled.

Body Part: Head - As you rush into the next adventure, take time to be aware of your surroundings, slowing down as not to fall down.  Aries is the "child" of the Zodiac and is protected by Divine Love as an "innocent".  It is important to think before reacting and as a young personality at heart, you will be learning lessons of sharing and caring about others. Mature Aries is a fun person to be around!

Power Colors: Red - is the color to use when you feel like being assertive and self confidant. Golden Yellow - is a direct connection with the Sun, helping to have a feeling of radiant energy and courage. It assists with social skills in a warm loving nature. It also acts as an antidote to the “red” aggressive energy of anger and rage.

Power Stones: Fire Opal - expresses determination and harmony with all. Diamond - is a combination of all the colors and reflects fire light of creativity, abundance and courage. It is worn for protection and wisdom.



  Traditional symbol is the Bull and is strong, focused on goals and sometimes stubborn. You have the gift of determination and usually get what you set out after. It is really about how you use your power and how others perceive it. Family is extremely important, you teach by example of integrity and values. Challenge: a need for approval from others. Appearances may be deceiving.

Motto: "I Have" great determination to acquire my worldly goods!

Earth sign: you are practical and work to achieve your goals. Family represents your true wealth; you are a loyal friend for life. Home is most important, usually filled with treasures that represent wealth. Material goods are important but you have a good eye for bargains and collectibles. Working with interior design and colors are important to your peace of mind and surroundings. Socializing keeps you grounded.

Animal Guide: Beaver - is the manifestor, whatever is needed, they are tireless until they get the job done.  Beaver thinks ahead, providing the family with a comfortable home and supplies. Team work is very important to their success. They make formidable opponents when threatened, with their strong teeth and powerful tail used to protect and defend their family and what is theirs.

Body parts: lower jaw, neck and throat. Taurus usually has a designated role to be the social organizer and communication is essential. They must "voice" their views and opinions and feel discomfort when this is not satisfied. Singing and humming help keep these channels open. They expect others "to say what you mean and mean what you say" ... and do the same - diplomatically if possible!  Many have suffered guilt and sometimes shame, for expressing what they really think. Yet, very often it usually is what truly needed to be expressed. By not judging, you bless yourself and others, for we all are learning. 

Power colors: Blue, all shades, especially royal blue - activates high self esteem and opens the throat chakra for speaking. The bedroom may be like the “Beavers Dam”, safe, secure and inspiring. Teal - this warm color is for relaxing and deep communication, humility and respect. Burn candles of this color when counting your many blessings!


Power stones: Sapphire - (blue) activates pituitary gland to balance the system.  It also inspires peaceful contentment and inner strength. Chrysocola - (green) aids the digestive process and assists in all communications, attracts wealth. Beautiful green color invokes new growth and friends. Kyanite is excellent for all chakras, especially the throat.


Traditional symbol is the TwinsChallenge: duality, polarity and resolution of opposites. The Gift: resolution of duality, centering of the "self" rather than being "self centered". You are totally mental and like it that way! You are witty and clever, love to entertain and don't really want to get too serious or deep. Living life in the fast lane is more your style and learning about other cultures is exciting for most. Short trips are usually preferred over long travels. 

Motto: "I Think" about all the possibilities that are here!

Air sign: You are a natural communicator and social "butterfly".  Networking is part of your nature and many find working while traveling is the most efficient way to do what they love ... to mingle. Journaling helps you remember all those wonderful ideas and making lists help you accomplish them. Too many ideas slip away unless you write them down.

Body parts: lungs, arms, hands and shoulders are the areas most sensitive. Finding ways to relieve stress and nervous disorders are a must, and then apply it to everyday living is the healing. Getting out in nature, soaking in the light, breathing in the air, all nourish and replenish. Positive thinking and mental pursuits activate a healthy outlook. The Laws of Attraction (LOA) are especially powerful for you.

Power colors: White/green - this combination connects mental to physical... spiritual to earth. Candles assist to focus intentions, these colors when burned on a New Moon, set that intention into motion. Rainbow - all colors, powerful for group work, networking and connecting all people together. Experience a "rainbow bath" (swirling crystal Sun catchers) for this can recharge ALL areas and energize creativity.     

Power stones: Moss agate - has been around a long time and was used to "ground" excessive energy, offering the gift of discernment. Pearl - with its' shining luster, symbolically, it is often through "irritation" that the beauty of spirit emerges. Alexandrite - is a powerful ally stone that changes colors with the light, much like Gemini with people!



  Traditional symbol is the Crab... a strong defender of home and territory.  When they use their powerful claws to hold on to something, it is often difficult for them to let go, unless they want to. The Crab outgrows its' shell many times and must emerge out of the old one, for its' new suit of protection to grow. They are the nurturers, holding the frequencies of Love.  Challenge: Intimacy (into-me-see) allowing love in and allowing others “to carry their own cross” or burden.

Motto: "I Feel" what needs to be done.

Water sign: fountains and natural waters, such as lakes, rivers, the ocean and hot mineral baths are essential for your sign. There is a tendency to "absorb" others' "stuff" and this is an excellent way of release. Emotions run deep and issues that may challenge: facing situations directly and "head on", rather than side stepping back and forth. Acknowledging vulnerabilities (tender meat inside with hard outer shell) opens communication with others & allows the flow of giving and receiving love energy.

Animal Guide: Flicker (wood pecker) - inspires others to keep "pecking away" until the desired results are completed. They are gray with golden-orange hues under their wings, with little heart shaped designs on their feathers, reminding us of the universal heartbeat we all share. Flicker represents unconditional love, the protector... by sounding the "alarm" when danger is present with "feeling knowing".

Body parts: womb, stomach and breasts. Teachings of "healthy" boundaries and other peoples "baggage" is one of the lessons here. Symbolically this represents things you just can't "stomach", carrying others burdens or "weaning" those that cling. Gift: freedom from feeling responsible for anyone other than yourself first. When you carry the "cross" for someone else, you get the muscles... they don't get the lesson and they must then repeat it until they do get it! Unconditional Love is your gift.

Power colors: Silver - invokes Moon energy, increasing intuition and "feeling knowing".  Pink (mauves) nurtures the heart and gently heals emotions. 

Power stone: Star rose quartz - heart shaped assists in forgiveness and joy. Ruby – is for courage and strength, balancing survival fears with personal power.


  Traditional symbol is the Lion - they are proud, often "regal" looking and love the finer things in life. Many prefer "roaring" about their dramas and desires. Keep people around you who call it like it is, the truth will set you free. Challenge: Ego and arrogance, getting too puffed up with self importance and living within your means.  

Motto: "I Shine" and am ready for the spotlight, the show must go on!

Fire Sign: You radiate inner enthusiasm and love to be involved in new creative projects. The "fire in the belly" motivates and burns away the negative, sabotaging energies that keep many from self-realization and fulfillment. The Law of Attraction is very powerful for you, be careful what you ask for! Instant karma is at work. Gift: humility, sacredness and honor. Sharing from your heart is the path of evolvement.

Animal Guide: Sturgeon ("king" of the fishes) - is the wisdom of the ancients, raising intuition and perception. They are deeply respected for their "royal" manners and fearless nature. It rules wherever it lives and has a tough armor for protection. 

Body part: heart, upper back and spinal cord. Leo has such a big heart and they reach out to help others when they can.  Releasing the need to carry another's burden and "fix" everything is the opportunity. Health and nutrition play a major role, allowing others to guide you could be extremely beneficial. Enjoy chakra meditations; the seven colors of the rainbow activated in your spinal cord... light it up Leo!

Power colors: Gold - is associated with the Sun and gives strength, energy and radiance. Royal blue - suggests a quieter tone, mental tranquility and calmness. There is a subtle strength in this color, one of achievement without the need to convince anyone.  Scarlet commands respect and reflects the radiant heart chakra color of pink. By adding in purple/blue for spiritual truth and enthusiasm, it becomes very powerful.

Power stones: Garnet - the deep red color strengthens the blood and energizes with high self-esteem and confidence. This stone ensured deep and lasting friendships and passionate discussions. Financial help and grounding energy are associated with this stone. Golden garnet - stimulates the "fire" within for creativity and self confidence. Peridot (light green) - works with opening the heart to healing and growth, aligning the subtle energies of the body in harmony and with clarity.


  Traditional symbol is the virgin or the symbol M (matter) with a tail turning inward. Reviewing everything they experience by internalizing or "digesting" the information. Virgo is here to be of service and if you are "suffering on any level, it is usually because you need to be of service! Lovers of animals and nature, they often prefer the critters to humans! Have wonderful (often silly) sense of humor and love to laugh and play. Challenge: over analytical and picky.


Motto: "I Analyze" to find the truth and use my gifts to serve.


Earth Sign: you are practical and work to achieve your goals. Family represents your true wealth; you are a loyal friend for life.  You may feel like hugging a tree or feel the power of the tree and use its' strength, with its' roots reaching deep within the Earth and limbs reaching out to the stars...  grounding any excessive energy. Breathe in life, with your feet touching the Earth, and feel the magic.


Animal Guide: Bear - they are often loners, just taking their time, enjoying the treasure hunt for goodies after a long hibernation.  Bear offers great strength and courage but dislikes fighting, unless backed into a corner. Watch your moods, alert others that waking up a "bear" could be unpredictable and you just might be dreaming a good dream! Over eating may be a challenge, there's so many choices!


Body part: small & large intestines, bowels. Virgo symbolically "digests" information, so it is only natural, that the way one processes and eliminates waste would be an indicator of health. A good attitude and healthy mind, equals a healthy body. 


Power colors: Grey/navy blue - excellent "non aggressive" yet firm color for working with groups.  It assists with communication skills and increased confidence. Forrest green - Manifesting prosperity, new growth and attitude matured.


Power stones: Sapphire - (blue or white) assists with mental balancing, peace of mind and renewed optimism. Tranquility and patience with the process will attract success. Amethyst - Spirituality, connecting with the Divine truth. This invokes the "highest" frequency for integrity and clarity, balanced judgment and discernment.


  Traditional sign, the scales, night and day and the balance of duality.  This symbol represents the setting Sun, greeting the evening sky on the horizon... a moment in time that signifies the perfect balance of opposites. They are peace makers and believe in justice for all. Challenge: hasty judgments... things are not always as they appear.   

Motto: "I Balance" offering support as needed

Animal Guide: Raven - usually seen in groups, socializing and networking, when you hear their "caw" you know it's time for a meeting. Raven as always been associated with magic ... sending healing energy to those in need. They are also fearless, running off larger birds that are in their "territory", they won't tolerate bullies.

Air Sign: You are a natural net-worker and team player, mentally preparing everything in advance. Potential leaders, speakers and involved in communications of all sorts. Trusted friends are excellent mirrors and will prove loyalties and integrity beyond a doubt. Talking things out helps put things into a proper perspective, you can then make a balanced decision that works for you! Libra is a lover of music, poetry and all things beautiful!        

Body part: kidneys, lower back and pelvis. If these areas are affected it is important to track the emotional relationship. Silence, not wanting to make "waves" and upset anything or anyone is part of this pattern and can cause internal and external pain. Water flushes "toxic" emotions of judgment and need for approval, clearing the kidneys. The lower back – represents feeling responsible for how others act and carrying a heavy load. Walking, strolls in nature and breath exercises balance the entire system.  

Power colors: Brown - brings you back to Earth and helps finish projects that require focus and determination. Blue - (Sky & Midnight) is for deep emotional strength and peace of mind. It assists in getting restful sleep.

Power stones: Jasper/Bloodstone - excellent for grounding nervous energy, increases self confidence.  Opal - represents brilliant reflection of inner beauty and strength. It assists with intuition and discernment. Opal invokes justice and balance.



   Traditional symbol, the Scorpion, it reacts with a "stings" when cornered. Generally, they prefer dark quiet places and being left alone. The symbol M with the tail going out represents their boldness and strength. Evolved Scorpio is the eagle, representing freedom... free from fear and doubt, free to be the true self. Challenge: being too secretive and not allowing others in.

Motto:  "I Create" through my passion for life!

Water Sign: fountains and natural waters; lakes, rivers, the ocean and hot mineral baths are essential for your sign. Emotions run deep, and there are always opportunities to "clear" emotional muddiness and be free from the heaviness of despair. Scorpios are masters of "cloaking" - secretive by nature. 

Animal Guide: Snake - one of the most misunderstood creatures, yet one of the most important. They balance the environment and bring the gift of patience, tolerance and instinct into our awareness. They are slow to anger and react when disrespected. Scorpio people generally "test" others for a reaction, but do not seek it out. They can become immune to the "poison" of others (negative thoughts or actions) by experience and observation, "shedding" what no longer serves. This is the transmutation phase; the "poison" has no power over an empowered being!

Body part: sexual organs, pelvis and rectum (root chakra energy) - all have to do with passion, desire and the life force.  Life and death walk with Scorpio, always and all ways, bridging our spiritual with our physical self. Releasing fear is the challenge and the incredible gift... Scorpio is here to show us how.  

Power colors: Red - lighter shades for motivation and physical energy. Darker shades (burgundies) for more passionate projects, assists with focus and determination. Black - appeals when you want to be "invisible" and behind the scenes observing and/or absorbing human experiences. 

Power stones: Malachite - ancient memories may be revealed by stirring up the hidden secrets, revealing truth and healing. Citrine - the golden light of the Sun, recharging body, mind and spirit. This can be excellent for mellowing intense "red" energies of anger or frustration.


Traditional symbol, the mythical arrow directed to Universal wisdom and knowledge, piercing through illusion, bringing back visions to share with others. Challenge: To bring the “visions” back into the 3-dimensional world, and follow through with ideas.

Motto:  "I Perceive" infinite optimistic possibilities, there's always a solution!

Fire Sign: You radiate inner enthusiasm and love to be involved in new projects. Fire represents transformation... all areas of belief systems, who you "think" you are and what the Divine plan is for you. For many, this will inspire new visions, as the "fire" burns away anything that no longer serves and doors open to new opportunities for growth and happiness. "Burning out" may be the challenge, but rising up from the ashes, like the Phoenix, is the gift of a new vision.

Animal Guide: Elk - is very social and loves "hanging out" with their same gender (except during mating season). They have great strength and stamina and are very protective of family and friends. They have a bold and regal "air" about them and attract those that are also determined to reach the mountain top. For many, they are like "magnets" attracting information and new friends to share this with, always optimistic.

Body part: hips and thighs - symbolically the Centaur was also associated with Sagittarius, half horse, half human and strength was needed in the hips and thighs to reach great heights. Walking, workouts at the gym and physical exercise, increases the stamina level and releases stored up toxins or body fat.  So much more is accomplished when it is fun and social, getting friends together or joining a club.

Power colors: Black - is all colors combined, excellent for "absorbing" knowledge and information. Enhances personal power... the light cannot shine without the darkness behind it. Deep blue - is for introspection, communication with intuitive powers, peace of mind and calm clarity.

Power stones: Golden topaz - excellent for attracting abundance, creativity and inspiration. It is the golden light of protection and strength. Obsidian - assists in remembering dreams, absorbing experiences and detached observations. When using this stone it is vital to keep it "cleared ", for it stores all it takes in and may "dump" it all back out.


 Traditional symbol representing a mountain goat with dolphin tail, determined to achieve the "highest" goals. It climbed out of the river Nile and preceded the journey to the mountain top. They are fearless and very protective of family and friends. Challenge: learning to allow others to help, delegating tasks.

Motto: "I Utilize" all available resources and know how to take care of business!

Earth sign: you are practical and work to achieve your goals. Family represents your true wealth; you are a loyal friend for life. They are often referred to as the "workaholic" of the Zodiac, and learning to delegate jobs to others is the biggest challenge.

Animal Guide: Snow Goose - annually returning to the same nesting grounds, they get confused by change and disruption of routine. They mate for life and teach their young by example and leadership. Team work is essential, as they travel in a "V" formation, taking turns as the leader of the group. Generally they let troubles just “roll” off their back and keep cool under pressure.

Body parts: bones, teeth, joints and knees. Teeth are a big issue for many. Regular visits to the dentist may improve other aspects of health as well. Diet also helps, especially with aches in joints and bones. A good nutritionist can check on calcium intake and recommend balanced foods and supplements for your specific needs. Rigidness in thinking or attitude (emotional issues) may cause arthritis in some. Time to clear up those old programs and learn to be more flexible, that's the challenge!   

Power colors: Beige for "grounding excessive energy and having a lightness of being!  White is for achievement, success & clarity. Capricorns love tradition and white can represent the “purity” that they admire in others. Burgundy is for friendship and warmth in all close relationships.

Power stones: Quartz crystal - to amplify and keep goals in clear view. This stone reflects back what we need to see and offers crystal clear answers when open to receive. Carnelian is for tolerance and social grace; it helps with anger, "road rage" and in remaining calm in stressful times. Keeping stones "cleared" helps intentions on stay on track. Set your stones out on the Full Moon for best results or clean in sea salt.



  Traditional symbol is the "water bearer" pouring forth original and creative ideas. "Electrical" energies flow through Aquarians, enhancing their gift of intuition. Spirituality rather than religion is the main focus, science and physics may offer Universal wisdom for many. Aquarius generally understands through logic and simplicity and they expect to witness the "miracles" that are unexplainable! Challenge: too much chatter, dispelling the energy.  

Motto: "I Know" what needs to be done.

Air sign: You are a natural communicator and social "butterfly". Special events and networking assist in meetings that will increase the chances for success. Budgeting helps you see where you want to go financially and just how much you’ve accomplished. Travel and other cultures hold a fascination and intrigue. The internet can open up your imagination so that "visualization" techniques help to create what you want. It has been said so often: "If you can see it ... you can achieve it!"

Animal Guide: Otter - playful and curious by nature, social and love of "family". Balance of feminine energy, they are free from jealousy, with no need to control. They don't like to see others fighting and are non aggressive, unless their "family" is threatened.  

Body parts: circulatory system and ankles. Drink lots of water to keep your system "flushed" and elevate your feet after long days of shopping and running around. Massages are excellent for clearing out the toxins. Make the spa a regular routine... yoga is also very helpful in calming your (electrical) nervous system. Perhaps swimming with the Dolphins or a pilgrimage walking a labyrinth, can reveal deeper truths about your life's purpose.

Power colors: Silver - represents listening to your intuition. It is also for balance and reflection of emotions. Don't be surprised if you are more "psychic" than usual, silver enhances the ability to receive through "feeling knowing". Iridescent blue/violet - integrates physical and spiritual energies, increases universal ideals. It also assists in processing information and formulating intuition.

Power stones: amethyst - assists in mental clarity and aligning with your highest potential. This stone is said to enhance psychic abilities and intuition. Blue star sapphire - expands circle of friends, relating to extended family. It is peaceful and calming.



Traditional symbol is the two fish, joining together opposition into one reality. Compassion and sensitivity are the goal. Many feel they are being "pulled" into opposite directions and must find ways to balance. There are subtle energies at work, and you may have psychic connection"Challenge: the more resistance, the more difficult the teaching. Accept that you have gifts that are unique to Pisces (dreams, visions, psychic ability and "feeling knowing") and use them!  Gift: resolution of duality. 

Motto: "I Believe" in my own power and inner knowing.

Water sign: fountains and natural waters; lakes, rivers, the ocean and hot mineral baths are essential for your sign. There is a tendency to "absorb" other people's "stuff" and these provide excellent ways of release. Emotions run deep, and there are always opportunities to "clear" emotional muddiness and be free from the heaviness. Many are spotlighted as teachers, healers, artist and speakers... allow the flow.

Animal Guide: Cougar - is careful not to intrude into another's space. They are patient and rarely act spontaneously. Leaders but have difficulty trusting and will often repress emotions, keeping silent. The female is usually the aggressor and the males need coaxing and reassurance. Have keen senses, excellent hunters and take only what they need. When aware, they are ready to "pounce" at the opportunities, the feast awaits.

Body parts: feet, toes and the lymphatic system must keep active and moving. Make sure you are wearing proper shoes for your sensitive feet. Service to others brings great satisfaction, but don’t forget to replenish your own energy. Health issues have excellent potential for self-healing, be open to new technology, naturopathic solutions and a healthier lifestyle. Exercise can be fun with a little creativity.

Power colors: deep royal blue, aqua, and sea green all balance communication and motivation, inspiring creativity. Art in all forms is highlighted for Pisces, decorate your personal space with ocean themes or all these colors and activate your "feeling knowing". Violet is for wisdom, soothing the mind and spirit, sharing information and teaching. It invokes forgiveness for all past actions and compassion for self and others, through understanding.

Power stones: aquamarine assists in releasing fear, for mental calm and creativity are its' gifts. It soothes the restless spirit with tranquility. Turquoise is another magical stone for protection, self confidence and the ability to communicate "visions" and dreams.



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