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3-11-2013 New Moon 21 Pisces 12:51 PM PDT

new-moon-piscesIn traditional Western Astrology Pisces is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions and not seeing each other. As a Water sign, emotions can run high and they can get lost in a fantasy “Neptunian”  world if not careful. This is WHY “mirrors” are so important, as we “mirror” for each other the TRUTH we “see”. Oppositions also help us to gain clarity, Pisces opposite sign is Virgo and we’re ALL still analyzing from this last Full Moon. Through Virgo we receive the gift of discernment and details that may otherwise be over looked. The polarities of these two energies can open us up Spiritually through the Masters … are you listening to your inner Guidance? It’s very strong and vibrant now, asking us to “tune-in”, the time is now.

In MWA this is the Big Winds Moon, it blows big medicine, as most people say they feel it BIG time! We’re coming out of Winter, hibernation, dreams and waking up to the new possibilities. The weather is just another indicator that Earth Mother is speaking and of the changes going on.  There is a lot of confusion as to what to do and many are in shock, much like deer in the headlights. Big questions like; what are our priorities? Work long hours to pay for a house where no one lives because they’re too busy working to pay for it? What is REAL and what is illusion? What do we keep or what do we “let go” of? This is why Cougar reminds us to be patient and watch the signs, we’ll know when to act and when to just lay low … if we’re “tuned-in”! LISTEN to the council of Masters that are just waiting for us to acknowledge that we truly are Spiritual Beings having this Earth walk experience. AHO!


So, New Moon … first I light my candle (I like 7-day novena candles in glass jar) and then I smudge myself first with white sage (my preference), then my offering to the 7 directions. BTW: “Dancing With The Wheel” Sun Bear & Wabun has some beautiful ceremonies that go into great sacred detail and also allow us to   to have a better understanding in our world with ALL OUR RELATIONS.


After the cleansing ceremony I take the time to review the last couple of weeks after this Full Moon Virgo and what I’ve gained in wisdom and understanding.  This is when I write my wish list and DREAM what I want to create next. I truly believe we are the Dreamers of our own reality and this is part of the process. Personally, I went deep into the void, deep into the teaching, deep into Ancient lifetimes of remembering what I forgot. This energy was in my 8th House of death/rebirth, grieving, the magical mysteries and letting go of what no longer serves (Virgo) … I’m doing just that, facing my issues and releasing them to Great Spirit with LOVE. I have battle scars on my face from the pain and depth of tears … NOW, I’m coming out of the darkness and into the Light with renewed hope for the future and the potential therein. May you FEEL that strength to do the same and welcome this New Moon with optimism and courage. New Moon, New Day, New time … create something NEW!

Love & Blessings Dear Ones

From The Heart Tribe  *Star*


Oh BTW Monday 3-11-2013 Mars moves into Aries putting a little extra “kick” in our get-along! Best to remember that this can be a bit of a selfish energy when unevolved … “Centering the self rather than being self-centered” is the message here!  LISTEN & SILENT have the same letters – it’s a good idea to think before speaking, if possible!


2-25-2013 Full Moon 7 degrees Virgo @ 12:26 pm PST

virgo-full-moonHappy Full Moon! Bask in the Moonlight if you can … the rays can heal the body with delightful energies! :) Now it’s time to look at some of Virgo’s teachings. It rules the intestines in the body, which processes whatever passes through it. We need to look at what we put in our bodies, mind and Spirit (thoughts, intentions) and this Moon will help us SEE this, Virgo doesn’t miss much! Perhaps it time to change eating habits, exercise routine or just get over whatever is getting one “down”? We get “sick” so our bodies can get the attention they need, often clearing toxins, so we can get ready for a new season! We say “thank you” for this cold, flu or whatever is helping release this! ♥ GRATITUDE for the healing, for another opportunity to be of Service. “Serve or suffer” is one of the mantra’s for Virgo energy, sometimes we just need to get out of ourselves and help others … since there is only ONENESS, makes sense! ♥ Love & Blessings xoxoxo*


9/15/2012 New Moon 23 Virgo (Brown Bear) at 7:11 PM PDT

virgo (Brown Bear)

New Moon 9/15/2012 Virgo (Brown Bear)

Big Council meeting going on with this Virgo New Moon (new beginnings) joining with Sun (Light), Mercury (communications) and Saturn (Task Master) still in Libra,  and of course the once every 12 year event of Jupiter (opportunities) in Gemini (speaker)! Lets TALK about it! I’ve been hearing that people are finding their “voice” and speaking up, finally! This Jupiter in Gemini is assisting people to say STOP this madness and speak up! How is it really serving us, our communities and our World … how is it serving and who is doing it??

Yes, a powerful time we are in and there are some challenging energies this next couple of weeks with Venus in Leo, squaring (difficulties) Mars in Scorpio. Relationships of all kinds will be tested, we must be careful not to project our belief systems on others and judge their behavior as a reflection of who we are. Discernment is the key, masks are coming off and the truth is revealed, especially powerful in these political times!

The images of Brown Bear sniffing around for any nourishment, turning over every stone and tree trunk for goodies and with sheer determination, feeling the rush of the change of seasons upon us … sound familiar? NOW is the time to slow down and use a little of that Turtle (Earth sign) medicine, slow down and take a look around and see what you have created! Virgo energy is detail gifted, for negative or positve and doesn’t miss much. Do you LIKE what you see around you? This is the time to look into the “mirror” … REFLECTIONS are everywhere offering choices. NEW MOON, what do you want to manifest in this dark void of creation? What are your dreams and your soul’s purpose?

This is an excellent time to organize all those overwhelming “duties” and see what really serves, how what you’re doing is serving you and others. Lots of “Virgo-lizing” (should have, could have, what if …) going on, release what no longer serves.

We light our candle and make our “wish list” at the New Moon, offering up our intentions and gratitude. This Virgo Moon is about offering the energies of Virgo; like the Amethyst stone/crystal, purple color (candle) and flowers/feathers, if they are felt and your own personal medicine pieces. We always smudge first and invite only our helpful Divine Ancestors/Guides to join us. Brown Bear is here to help and be of service; ask for the wisdom and knowledge of their experience, just ask and it will be there. All our helpers are justing waiting for us to speak up and ASK! So Be It!

With Love and deep Blessings, we say AHO! Thank you to ALL OUR RELATIONS.

The Heart Tribe  *Star


Once in a Blue Moon! 8/31/12 6:58 AM PDT 8 degrees Pisces

Rare Blue Moon (2 Full Moons in one month)

We started August with a Full Moon in Aquarius (Otter) hopefully it was wonderful to play with family and friends. Now we are ending the month with another Full Moon in Pisces (Cougar), acting all relaxed as we lay under the moonlight soaking in the rays of white/silvery frequencies of the new energies approaching. Two Full Moons … That’s why they call this one a Blue Moon, “Once in a Blue Moon” means it’s very rare. The next Blue Moon isn’t due until July 2015, so this can be a special time to have your Dreams reveal what your hearts desire is!

The Moon receives its light from the Sun … the Sun is in Virgo, its opposite sign is Pisces, this is the mirror of truth. Analyzing vs Trusting, time to explore where you use your energy and what “serves” (keyword for Virgo). What still serves you, what doesn’t serve anymore? How does it serve to speak up, how does it serve to continue to “swallow” your truth and say nothing

Virgo is detail oriented and can be very “picky”, critical of self and others and have problems “digesting” physically and spiritually. Evolved Virgo is excellent with details, loves to be of service and is a lover of all creatures great and small. This Moon can reflect what one’s life’s purpose is (if in doubt) and the light of the Moon reflects this truth back with the depth of compassion that a Pisces knows to be true. OPPOSITIONS can serve to be mirrors … see your truth now.

This Full Moon is such a great time to gather all your medicine pieces; stones & crystals, feathers, totems, and sacred special items. Gather them on a tray and set them out into the light of this Moon … asking for a cleanse and blessings, a release from anything “held” there that needs to be released to Great Spirit! AHO! May All our relations be blessed!

Thank you so much for this opportunity to be of service, this is my purpose and healing. May you know and SEE what your true purpose is. Please contact me if you’d like my services to explore your life’s path.

With Love & Blessings.

Star Savoy


8/23 – 9/22 Sun enters VIRGO (Brown Bear)

VIRGO (Brown Bear)

VIRGO (8/23 – 9/22)  Spirit Keeper: Shawnodese/Coyote  •Power Direction:South  •Element:Earth  •Clan:Turtle  •Animal Guide:Brown Bear  •Plant:Violet  •Stone:Amethyst  •Moon:Harvest  Motto: ”I Analyze”

Medicine Wheel Clan: Turtle (Earth): You are excellent at being practical, assisting others to be grounded. You are extremely loyal and family is very important. You tend to take your time in reaching your goals and may find that change does not come easy. Turtles shell represents protection and you likely “test” people before you trust them enough to let them into your circle. Turtle never forgets when someone has misused their power and are the happiest when helping others.

Power Direction: Shawnodese Spirit Keeper of the South: Coyote – this is the place of trusting, innocence and a sense of humor. There’s always a jokester here enjoying playing practical jokes just to make sure you’re not taking things too personal. Growth and timing are the priorities, maturity. Grounding energies on earth is a must before reaching for higher understanding.

Harvest Moon: the last moon of Shawnodese , *”the moon of the autumn equinox, is helpful to Brown Bear people, as this is the moon when all earth’s children get to reap what they have sown.”

Totem Animal for Virgo: Brown Bear – they are often loners, just taking their time, enjoying the treasure hunt for goodies after a long hibernation.  Bear offers great strength and courage but dislikes fighting, unless backed into a corner.

Totem Mineral for Virgo: Amethyst – Spirituality, connecting with the Divine truth. This invokes the “highest” frequency for integrity and clarity, balanced judgment and discernment.

Totem Plant for Virgo: Violet – this flower is used as a soothing tea for upset stomachs and diseases of the bowels. It reduces fever and is an excellent antiseptic.

Virgo Body part: small & large intestines, bowels. Virgo symbolically “digests” information, so it is only natural, that the way one processes and eliminates waste would be an indicator of health. Diet will be extremely important to health … good food, a good attitude and healthy mind, equals a healthy body.

Your principle lessons: Challenge: Watch your moods and guard against leaking negative energy into your space. When using a critical nature, you may take things too personally and be thinking about them too much. Gift: Discernment and observation, you don’t miss much, use it for a higher good.

4/6/2012 Full Moon Libra (Raven)

Libra (Raven)Starting the week on Monday the 2nd the Moon in Leo (Sturgeon) is finishing up with a weekend of “dramas”, excitement and a lot of self centeredness going around! It’s always “big” with this energy, we’re still in Aries, so expect it! Tuesday the Moon shifts into Virgo and we’ll be “analyzing” all of it! Virgo (Brown Bear), introspection, looking at motivation and intention and processing.  We start to feel the energy and light of this big beautiful Moon in Libra (balance) and if we take the time to embrace the messages … there’s BIG GIFTS!

Friday 4/6/2012 the Full Moon occurs at 12:19 PM (PDT) 17 degrees Libra (Raven). This represents shadow work, polarity of the light and dark, working in harmony and balance.  ALLOW the light of this Moon to bathe your body, mind and spirit, as the magical Raven takes you on a journey through truth/illusion, seeing the other side of situations, giving new perspectives. This is the Moon of nonjudgement, releasing the need to blame others or to have their approval. Our stories “they made me do it!” or ” I’m not good enough, smart enough, not enough money, or ?? In this light we can “see” whatever our excuse is that keeps us from our Highest Potential, what causes many to be “frozen” with fear unable to access the power of its opposite sign Aries the “I AM THAT I AM”. Now is, FACING OUR SHADOW, embracing the Light, flying through time and space with Raven as Guide and Protector! AHO Welcome Raven!

Raven (Libra)

Raven travel with me through the light and darkness safely.