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7-20-2013 Mercury moved direct and we’re getting ready for the Full Moon in Aquarius (Otter) and Sun moving into Leo (Sturgeon)

7-20-2013Happy Birthday Leos! Sturgeon People have clever wit and love a good “show”. This month propels us into the Grand Illusion of the story tellers … action & drama! Sturgeon is just as majestic as LEO the Lion, standing out in the crowd! We get inspired by their willingness to be leaders and their ability to entertain us in any circumstance. The Sturgeon, King of the Fish, rules wherever they live and sports a tough armor to protect the valuable seeds within. Sturgeon people have depth, strength, memory and long life.

leo-smShawnodese, Spirit Keeper of the South, the Coyote, is the trickster, playing practical jokes, making sure we are not taking things too personally.

Thunderbird Clan (Fire Signs) represents the ego and the “creative fire within” which manifests goals.

Their plant is Raspberry. Tea of the leaves relieves nausea and flu symptoms and helps gallstones.

Garnet is their Stone. It strengthens, energizes, enhances self-esteem and holds power.

Challenge: Using power to help others, not to impress them; expressing confidence without arrogance.

Gift: Their inner light attracts positive experiences and people who appreciate drama and greatness.

otter-mamaThe light of this Full Moon (11:15 AM PDT) in AQUARIUS (Otter) reminds us of the importance of family and ALL OUR RELATIONS in Oneness …  UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS in a Grand way!” AQUARIUS is concerned with humanitarian issues, a bit rebellious wanting  CHANGE for the better! Change that will affect everyone on our Mother Earth … the web of life where we are ALL connected.  The energy of Aquarius creates progressive “thinkers” for the future, community-minded and socially responsible for future generations, the LIGHT of this Moon shines in all areas and things that are hidden may be revealed now. Unexpected events these next 2 weeks may bring our human family to a more connected realization. So Be It!

Saturday 7-20-13 Mercury 13 degrees in Cancer turns direct (11:22 AM PDT) and to many, things may seem a little “off” while we’re getting our balance back, adjusting to our  recalibration of new energies! The Moon will be in Cancer’s opposite sign, Capricorn and this may be a “volatile” weekend between partners! Pluto will be conjunct (shining as ONE) around the same time (Sunday 3:13 AM PDT), WE  WILL FEEL IT! We may be experiencing a “wobble” that is transforming with life changing revelations and we’re finally ready to act on them! “The TRUTH shall set you FREE” is here NOW, true freedom to be authentic and on purpose, listening to our inner truth and Guidance with an open heart. To say what we mean and mean what we say … ahh wouldn’t that be nice!?

This dance that is a Grand Trine with Neptune in Pisces & Saturn in Scorpio ( water signs) and Mars and Jupiter still in Cancer … are ALL WATER signs! This represents emotions, feelings, illusions, going with the flow, sometimes “paddling upstream” and/or the Full Moon Light for  clarity, focus, and taking things to a higher level of awareness … Point of View ( POV)! It’s all about choice and HOW we choose to perceive what is going on. One of the challenges for the unevolved sign Cancer is taking things way too personal, identifying with a “victim” mentality/role, needing to be needed. The gift of the evolved Cancer is to transform that feeling into a positive attitude, knowing that it is ALL happening “FOR you” and not “TO you”! The gift is offering love and support without having to give more than you are comfortable in giving … healthy boundaries! It shifts the perception to the higher octaves of evolved Cancer: to one of a loving, nurturing, family-minded, guardian of innocence and being in joyful gratitude. I like the saying that “I AM just too BLESSED to be stressed!” Seems to get me out of those deep dark places and back to the Light of Great Spirit … back on track with purpose!

The love of the MOTHER energy is calling out … listen … what do you hear?


Love and Blessings Dear Ones.  Thank you for your time, support and love while we “Journey Through the Zodiac in the Medicine Wheel”. ~ Star Savoy

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I’m offering this Special reading for only $75 (50% off) use code: BLOG

7-7-2013 New Moon, Sun, Jupiter, Mercury Retro all in Cancer (Flicker)


In the Stars … Many are feeling the intensities now with this WATER sign energy; New Moon, Sun, Jupiter, Mercury Retro all in Cancer.  This includes a Grand Trine with Saturn in Scorpio (Water sign) and Neptune and Chiron in Pisces (Water signs).

WATER signs represent emotions, feelings, and going deep within … some folks are overwhelmed, some are just enjoying the ride as they “flow” through this time of transition and transformation. Cancer represents the Mother energies, nurturing self and family, home, security, food and gardens, and DIVINE Mother with unconditional love. The New Moon is when we “plant” our seeds of what we want to “grow” in our lives. Some are attracting extreme fear and must be aware of the Law of Attraction … what you plant is what you get! Others are “tuning in” to their feeling knowing and being guided in other directions of relocating, or fortifying the place they are living now, with food, water and supplies, with a “just in case” attitude. This is a real issue now with all the weather and news about World CHANGES … Cancer people do not like change but once they make up their mind they are nonstop until they get their “home” ready! It’s so important to just look at what’s right in front of us and take one step at a time, doing our best to keep the MIND clear of negativity. Breath in the LOVE and exhale the FEAR, over and over until you believe it!

Mercury retrograde until July 20th and this represents the MIND of mental confusion or clarity of the sign it’s in – Cancer! It’s ALL about feelings and emotions, creating balance and and bringing up the past to be revealed and healed! The true gift here is to get out of our mental FEAR, watch our thoughts and judgements and be fully present in the NOW. Saturn (where we face our fears and then become the Masters of it) in the sign of Scorpio (root chakra, survival issues, sexuality, death & rebirth) went direct (after 5 months retro) today. It brings these opportunity to the table for resolution … what is our deepest FEAR?  Fear of losing all we’ve worked so hard for, fear of change, fear that there is not enough for everyone, fear of intimacy (into-me-see) and so on. NOW is the time to go back (retro) and see where you are, where you’ve been and where you want to be! Neptune (spirituality or confusion) in Pisces continues to be retro as well, and we are looking personally into our belief systems … our faith may be tested. Who do you pray to, or honor as your Divine Presence? What do you FEEL is your Divine Destiny?  This may be a time of confusion and illusion, or Divinely inspired visions and wisdom to rejoice about.  Nov. 13th Neptune goes direct and the energy shifts again.

A dream/visions journal would be very helpful to remember, reclaim, restructure, rejuvenate, reinvent,  reevaluate, etc. and relax! New Moon wishes can be written down and released by a candle flame to the Universal intelligence … let go and ALLOW Great Spirit, God/Goddess, ALL that IS, guide us to our true destiny!


On the Earth Mother and in the Medicine Wheel Astrology, we have the beautiful Flicker guiding us with a lightness of Being. They are known as the drummers, their beat expressing that of the heartbeat of our Mother. Now is the time for communicating with our Divine Mother,  her children need protecting. The red/orange feathers were presented as war offerings guarding against the spiritual enemies … FEAR would fit that category!

Flicker make excellent parents, preparing their young to to develop their instinctive abilities of alertness and awareness. They are joyful musicians and communicators and represent courage and protection.

The retrogrades are having us recall our stories and myths from our Elders and Ancestors. The story I remembered was when Flicker saved the village and people from the great fire by swooping down, flapping its wings until the fire was completely out. Great Spirit welcomed Flicker in the afterlife and was so pleased with Flicker’s action of LOVE. From that day forward the yellow/orange color under its wings would HONOR  Flicker’s courage for facing the fire and little heart shaped images were added to its feathers to HONOR the unconditional LOVE that Flicker has for the people. AHO Flicker thank you!


This time of Sun and New Moon is that of the STRONG MOON and is the 1st Moon of Shawnodese, Spirit Keeper of the South. This teaches us about the need for a strong home base, strength for the Coyote medicine of the trickster and taking things too personal.  The need to refresh ourselves with Wild Rose essence and to absorb the frequencies of the Carnelian stone to strengthen our emotional body from anger and fear. Frog keeps speaking up for what it wants – “”ribits” with determination and loves to play in the water!

shawnodese-coyoteMay you have a powerful and enlightened vision with this New Moon energy that is joined with allies of Master teachings. Thank you for this opportunity to share and please check out the Sun Bear & Wabun books, the stories are awesome … Blessed Be!

From the Heart Tribe   *Star Savoy*





July 4, 1776 … 2013

June 28, 2013 I had a radio interview with Caroline Wise King, she asked my opinion of the astrological outlook for the USA today, economy and teachings. I never have looked at the chart before and was so amazed at how similar today’s chart for the US is compared to what was happening in 1776!

Here’s the information and chart that came up during my research.

1st the Bald Eagle as our Nation’s Totem. This represents spectacular FREEDOM; freedom from fear, doubt, corruption and the freedom to BE who we really are! Eagle is the most respected and powerful animal totem because of their ability to “SEE” into the Sun as they fly towards it unaffected by it’s brilliance. Legend has it, that Great Spirit told Eagle many things that Eagle then reported back to the Chiefs, so they could share with the Tribe what was going on with these “visions”. Great power comes with Eagle Medicine, the Elders had much respect for the white man bringing in this symbol, much hope for the future and future generations was expected.

*FYI:The essence of the Bald Eagle is strength and courage. In ancient Sumer, Rome, and other warrior cultures, the eagle was the imperial symbol of command and control, and represented the ability to soar above all enemies. It’s keen vision, powerful talons, and majestic appearance are further indications of moral superiority, of a divine or sacred mission. The eagle flies higher than any other bird, and thereby symbolizes the highest spiritual values.”

    July 4, 1776 USA Chart


“Over the years astrologers have come up with, and continue to come up with, various times for the birth of the American nation. (Some think it’s Gemini or Virgo Rising). In The Astrology of America’s Destiny, Dane Rudhyar provides ample evidence from the historical record, including accounts by signers of the Declaration of Independence, that the correct birth time of the United States is the signing of the Declaration of Independence, shortly after 5:00 PM, 4 July 1776, in Philadelphia. Rudhyar rectifies the time of the signing to 5:13:55 PM, providing an Ascendant of 13°10′ Sagittarius.”


Editor’s Note: The frontispiece appearing in the original edition of The Astrology of America’s Destiny (New York: Random House, 1974) is an illustration from the noted 18th century English astrologer, Dr. Sibley. The horoscope being presented to Washington shows an old-fashioned square chart graphic. It is cast for 4 July 1776, 10:10 PM, London Time. It shows a local Ascendant for Philadephia of 13°12′ Sagittarius.”

Transits NOW for July 4, 2013 on outer wheel

(inner circle US natal chart)

July 4, 1776 -transitchart 7-4-2013July 4, 1776 -transit-planets- 7-4-2013

Note from me: After doing some research about the TIME the US chart was, which affects the Rising sign, I tend to agree with Dane Rudhyar’s interpretation of Sagittarius Rising. The basic fact is that  4 planets are still very close in the same degree and signs as on July 4, 1776 and that’s where the “rectification” (using knowledge & the intuitive process to analyze the energies of that sign) of the Rising sign occurs. It just makes sense to me, that Sagittarius is the collective energy of this Nation.

To ADD Medicine Wheel Astrology is to look at the Rising sign, to mark the 4 directions and then interpret their TOTEMS in the chart. I have shared some of this in the interview with Caroline Wise King, please LISTEN in the archives for the show.

In the books “Life & Teaching of the Masters of the Far East” by Baird Spaulding (DeVorss & Co)  it was said that AMERICA is an anagram for the “I AM RACE” … we have the responsibility and honor to share with the rest of the world what the POTENTIAL is of people living in harmony, helping each be the best we can be and sharing that with the rest of the world! A new world of Enlightenment, where people from every country are welcome. We are ALL IMMIGRANTS (non native), many welcomed and “adopted”  by the Native Americans! Many teachings here since 1776 and we continue to have the same dreams and issues but a greater viewing audience now!

So, here were are, Jupiter in the sign of the FLICKER (Cancer) with its unconditional LOVE wanting to feel secure with home and family. Mars in Gemini (Deer) communicating on a GLOBAL basis , squaring (challenging) Neptune (Spirituality, religions and foreign countries 9th HOUSE) with it’s POWER and aggressive nature. Jupiter stays in Cancer for 1 year (won’t be back for 12 years) and it represents HOME, FAMILY, SECURITY, WATER, FEELINGS and EMOTIONS. Mercury is in Cancer, retrograde (apparently going backwards) and NOW is the time to speak up for what we want and don’t want! MOTHERS are speaking out about what is no longer acceptable; no more killing of children and the senseless wars … Earth Mother is also speaking up and getting our attention!

cherokee prayer

Thank you for your time and what a wonderful way to renew our enthusiasm for being AMERICAN! We are so blessed and may the gratitude of our GROUP DREAM continue with peace, love and justice for all!

Blessings.  Star Savoy


Here’s some interesting links:


“They cannot logically or astrologically deal with the United States as an operative nation, as a working social organism having, like all organisms, a definite structure. If they refer to anything, it can only be to the fact that, with the Declaration of Independence, the people of the Colonies proclaimed to the world — the international environment — that they had achieved the consciousness of unity, a definite individuality.
Note well the words “proclaimed to the world“; for just as a child is really “born” only when he relates himself to the world by breathing the air sensitive to myriad cosmic influences — and he announces this fact by a vocal utterance — so the “American people” were “born” when they declared openly to the other nations their will to act as one people and to exert that will.”

Sagittarius Rising “I believe the Ascendant to be the clothing of the soul. It is the Soul’s entry into the world, and as such, the Ascendant of the chart of a country must reflect the clothing of the collective soul of a nation.

Ben Franklin  (http://www.magisociety.com/ben_franklin_astrology.htm)

When Benjamin Franklin picked a date for America’s Founding Fathers to sign the Declaration of Independence, he made sure the day was a fabulous astrological day.  He was not going to settle for a day when only two planets were going to form a planetary eclipse.  He chose July 4, 1776, because on that day, FIVE planets came together in the sky to form a FIVE PLANET PLANETARY ECLIPSE.


[Magi StarScope of July 4, 1776, above is a view of the actual sky and shows multiple Planetary Eclipses – the white dots are stars of magnitude stronger than 3.2.  The horizontal green line represents the ecliptic and the two horizontal blue lines represent 23.44 degrees north and south declination's, which are the positions of the Sun on the two solstices.]

From the time Ben could first write, he was drawing maps of the sky when the planets and stars were visible and he quickly realized that when Jupiter (the brightest planet in the sky) and the Sun made a Planetary Eclipse, the planets were giving us folks on Earth a sign that something remarkably good was happening.  This is called a Sun-Jupiter Planetary Eclipse.

There was a Sun-Jupiter Planetary Eclipse when America’s Founders signed the Declaration of Independence (July 4, 1776), and also when the US Constitution became effective (June 21, 1788) on the day New Hampshire became the ninth state to ratify the US Constitution.

There are no coincidences in life.


Franklin’s organizational mind is shown by his Capricorn Sun, and the decisive effect he had on the United States as a national power is reflected in his Sun conjunct the U.S. natal Pluto, both at 27° Capricorn. Franklin wanted the national symbol to be the Wild Turkey. Although the Wild Turkey and the domesticated farm turkey are two completely different animals, today we refer to anything that looks clumsy or is otherwise of low quality as a “turkey.” So fortunately in this case Franklin was over-ruled when in 1782 the new Congress selected the Bald Eagle to be the national emblem. Perhaps Franklin saw in the Wild Turkey the qualities of fierce independence, and when strutting about in its mating ritual, a picture of pride, confidence, and regal beauty. Perhaps he was reminded of the federated colonies when he saw the splayed tail feathers, which when fanned out in its iridescent colors presented an image of collective purpose and harmony.

Franklin played a leading role in early American history as an inventor, diplomat, and political scientist. As an elder statesman, he lent moral authority to Thomas Jefferson’s words in the Declaration of Independence. Franklin proposed the innovative government framework of a federation, which he learned about by observing a group of cooperative Indian nations. The States would be equal partners in the federal government, with no individual state holding supreme power.

FYI: Did you know?   John Adams believed that July 2nd was the best date  to celebrate the birth of our Nation and Thomas Jefferson wanted July 4th. They disagreed and felt so strongly that they didn’t speak to each other for years … both died on July 4th, 1826, which was the 50th anniversary of the Declaration Of Independence.


6-21-2013 Sun enters Cancer (Flicker) & Astro Updates


Flicker, a beautiful woodpecker with either red or orange colors and they represent the “drummers” communicating their songs throughout the forest!  Here’s a story that I’ve heard over the years (a bit paraphrased perhaps). The legend was about a little village hidden deep within the forest and the people there would walk by and see Flicker “pecking” away with such dignity and strength! Flicker inspired them with its determination and beauty, that they always left a little “treat” to honor Flicker. One night a terrible fire broke out and the village was in flames … Flicker flew down and flapping its wings furiously was able to put the fire out and saved the people from disaster. Flicker met Great Spirit in the after life and Great Spirit greeted Flicker with such love, saying “Thank you so much for your selflessness,  for loving your human family so much that you gave your life. From this day forward all Flicker will have little heart shapes on their wings to remind others of their unconditional love and have the color of the flames  underneath your wings as a reminder of the fire you passed through unafraid.”

Flicker is unconditional love and protection. Using their “feeling/knowing” senses, they warn when danger is present. They make excellent and caring parents, nurturing their young until they can be on their own.

Shawnodese, Spirit Keeper of the South, the Coyote is the trickster, playing practical jokes, making sure we’re not taking things too personally

Frog Clan (Water Signs)ribits” for the rain to come, signaling we too must speak up for what we want! Water helps cleanse the negativity absorbed from others!

The Plant is the Wild Rose, which treats colds and flu and settles the stomach. Rose oil is used as a perfume. This also calms when overwhelmed.

Their Stone, Carnelian Agate, heals the heart, keeps the emotions strong and helps to diminish anger.

Challenge: Healthy boundaries, being able to say “no” without guilt and letting go of unrealistic expectations.

Gift: Inspiring others to keep “pecking away” until they get what they want and don’t settle for less!

“I Feel” … Mother Earth and what She needs to be healed.


6-23-2013 Full Moon 2 degrees Capricorn (Snow Goose) 4:32 AM PDT adds an urgency to really SEE what those visions that we’ve been “feeling” are all about. The Light of this Moon in Capricorn will point to the practical and responsible part of us that is the “workaholic” that never stops looking for ways to turn everything into a business/project. This is also a dance between Masculine (Capricorn Father energy) and the Feminine (Cancer Mother energy) and how important it is to have the balance of the two as ONE. Relationships can be intense unless one realizes that this is a gift happening FOR and not TO each other … clearing the abusive controlling energies and opening from the HEART with unconditional LOVE. That is the challenge and the gift! “Thank you Great Spirit for this opportunity to heal and thrive in all relationships! AHO!”

jupiterStarting 6-25-2013 Jupiter moves into the sign of Cancer where it will stay for one year and not return for 12 years! This is called “exalted” because it is such a powerful alignment of the two energies blending their gifts. Jupiter brings expansive dreams and visions; like purchasing home/restaurant, cooking classes, nursing or become a physician or therapist and clearing emotional blocks so one can ALLOW those gifts. Cancer, mother energy that feeds and nurtures others, takes charge of children and education, offers safety and protection. Many people will be buying homes this year after spending the last 12 months (Jupiter in Gemini)  ”talking” about it ALL! A need to FEEL secure, home, food, clothing … all those motherly and “family” concerns, will be the focus for this next cycle.

On the challenging side, emotions may run very high, Cancer energy can get so over whelmed by absorbing others negativity that they cannot function. This will be an excellent time to apply techniques for getting rid of “stinkin’ thinkin’”, clearing the mental & emotional trash out, and deleting our old patterns and points of view. No more taking it “personal”, which is one of the challenges for this sign, a KNOWING that comes from knowing that “it” usually has nothing to do with you! That is the gift here, being of service with love that has no strings attached and is from the heart.

6-26-2013 Mercury turns retrograde (apparently going backwards)  23 degrees Cancer until 7-20-2013. During retrogrades it’s suggested not to start any new projects but I think this must be left up to the individuals “feeling knowing”. Your solar plexus gets activated for your truth … feel it in your gut! Contracts and communications of all kinds may need more awareness during this time, check details at least twice and may we suggest to just go with the flow rather than getting upset about it. It’s also a great time for all Cancer people to take a review of what you were doing 12 years ago. This may be a clue to what may come up NOW … to look at manifesting past dreams that weren’t realized and NOW may be the perfect time.

Thank you for this opportunity to share this information with you. If you’d like a personal reading to “look” at your chart and discover/resolve your challenges and gifts, please visit my website for more information.

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I’m offering this Special reading for $75 (50% off) Sliding scale available. code: BLOG


Love & Blessings Dear Ones, enjoy this magnificent time we’re in!!

From the Heart Tribe  Star Savoy




6/8/2013 New Moon 16 degrees Gemini (Deer) 8:56 AM PDT



3-11-2013 New Moon 21 Pisces 12:51 PM PDT

new-moon-piscesIn traditional Western Astrology Pisces is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions and not seeing each other. As a Water sign, emotions can run high and they can get lost in a fantasy “Neptunian”  world if not careful. This is WHY “mirrors” are so important, as we “mirror” for each other the TRUTH we “see”. Oppositions also help us to gain clarity, Pisces opposite sign is Virgo and we’re ALL still analyzing from this last Full Moon. Through Virgo we receive the gift of discernment and details that may otherwise be over looked. The polarities of these two energies can open us up Spiritually through the Masters … are you listening to your inner Guidance? It’s very strong and vibrant now, asking us to “tune-in”, the time is now.

In MWA this is the Big Winds Moon, it blows big medicine, as most people say they feel it BIG time! We’re coming out of Winter, hibernation, dreams and waking up to the new possibilities. The weather is just another indicator that Earth Mother is speaking and of the changes going on.  There is a lot of confusion as to what to do and many are in shock, much like deer in the headlights. Big questions like; what are our priorities? Work long hours to pay for a house where no one lives because they’re too busy working to pay for it? What is REAL and what is illusion? What do we keep or what do we “let go” of? This is why Cougar reminds us to be patient and watch the signs, we’ll know when to act and when to just lay low … if we’re “tuned-in”! LISTEN to the council of Masters that are just waiting for us to acknowledge that we truly are Spiritual Beings having this Earth walk experience. AHO!


So, New Moon … first I light my candle (I like 7-day novena candles in glass jar) and then I smudge myself first with white sage (my preference), then my offering to the 7 directions. BTW: “Dancing With The Wheel” Sun Bear & Wabun has some beautiful ceremonies that go into great sacred detail and also allow us to   to have a better understanding in our world with ALL OUR RELATIONS.


After the cleansing ceremony I take the time to review the last couple of weeks after this Full Moon Virgo and what I’ve gained in wisdom and understanding.  This is when I write my wish list and DREAM what I want to create next. I truly believe we are the Dreamers of our own reality and this is part of the process. Personally, I went deep into the void, deep into the teaching, deep into Ancient lifetimes of remembering what I forgot. This energy was in my 8th House of death/rebirth, grieving, the magical mysteries and letting go of what no longer serves (Virgo) … I’m doing just that, facing my issues and releasing them to Great Spirit with LOVE. I have battle scars on my face from the pain and depth of tears … NOW, I’m coming out of the darkness and into the Light with renewed hope for the future and the potential therein. May you FEEL that strength to do the same and welcome this New Moon with optimism and courage. New Moon, New Day, New time … create something NEW!

Love & Blessings Dear Ones

From The Heart Tribe  *Star*


Oh BTW Monday 3-11-2013 Mars moves into Aries putting a little extra “kick” in our get-along! Best to remember that this can be a bit of a selfish energy when unevolved … “Centering the self rather than being self-centered” is the message here!  LISTEN & SILENT have the same letters – it’s a good idea to think before speaking, if possible!


2-18-2013 Sun enters Pisces (Cougar), Saturn in Scorpio (Snake) & Mercury in Pisces (Cougar) turns Retrograde

pisces-sunSun moves into the sign Pisces and the energies are shifting into a new teaching now … compassion, sensitivity, intuition and escapism for some! There is also a major meeting, Sun, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Chiron, and Neptune ALL in Pisces! The potential here for a peaceful solution to many disruptive issues is very high, humanity is tired of war and arrogance. Pisces is a water sign and there may be some major overwhelming emotions released now. Sorrow, tears for the children and resourceful efforts to help be of service!

Examples globally: The Africa Mercy Ship that gives free reconstructive surgery to the deformed, dental and health care and  emotional respect to the person inside, they help so many who would never have medical care! Or how about the Iron Shield (funded by USA) that stops bombs coming from Pakistan that probably would hit Israel. Families now feel safer and peace talks are resuming. ENOUGH is the cry from many families, CHANGE was asked for and here it is … we must move forward. Like the saying goes: “You cannot unring the bell once it’s been sounded”. This Pisces powwow is gathering minds and emotions together from all walks of life. May we join them in our prayers and continue to focus on what the priorities are … our future generations. Questions like, “what are we leaving them to fix?” and “how are we examples of everything we claim to be?” Christians, Religious groups, Spiritual Guru’s and whatever “self” we present to the world. These are issues for Saturn in Scorpio we’ll be continuing that scenario for sometime now.

Requesting help from our Guides and helpers is so important. By honoring them we expand our “team” and can accomplish so much more. Pisces/Cougar will  assist in heightening our senses, awareness,  psychic ability and dreams (keep a journal to review).  TRUST your instinct and first impressions, they’re really strong and vivid right now, it’s vital and very important to listen. Be Cougar and be silent while checking everything out. This is a time to observe the actions of others before “pouncing” or making important decisions.

Pisces (Cougar) is DREAMING the next step!

Pisces (Cougar) is DREAMING the next step!

 Saturn 12 degrees Scorpio turns retrograde today (2-19 until 7-7-13) and we’ll be “going back” to get some teachings we may have missed and really need. Re-tracing our steps, Re-membering family or those we may have forgotten along the way. Re-applying this to so many things, whatever that is for you! Re-charge, Re-new, etc. We’ve talked about how powerful this is (previous posts) because of Saturn in the sign of Scorpio (Snake medicine) until  9-17-2015 and how this is representing a transformational “shedding of the skin” … getting rid of anything that no longer serves and this is happening globally! It’s just the same for everyone; rich or poor, sick or healthy … we are letting go and allowing that which is for our Highest good to manifest. The “KEY” is different for each;  unique teachings  and  individual “karma” to play out. So, in my humble opinion the sooner we get out of judgement, of self and others, the sooner we can get on to what our true purpose and responsibility to Earth Mother is! So Be It!

Mercury in Pisces turns Retrograde 2-23-2013 (until 3-17-13 St. Patrick’s Day). During this period it’s best advised not to start new projects but Re-viewing old projects to bring forth now would be excellent. Re-lax and Re-evaluate contracts and paper work, Mercury is about communication and in Pisces there may be more opportunities to show compassion and sensitivity to others and to your “self”. Perhaps a massage  or “vision quest” is in order, Re-leasing the old ways and opening to a new way to experience life through the eyes of Great Spirit! There’s a deeply spiritual energy for those that eyes to see, for others there is a need to escape into video games, TV, partying and the like. The choice is always there, that is what free will is all about.

Look at what HOUSE in your chart that you have this Pisces energy in – that is where there’s continued teachings and gifts, where all the action is! I’ll be happy to take you on a journey to explore you birth chart info. ♥ www.medicinewheelastrology.com

I'm offering this Special reading special for only $75 (50% off) code: BLOG

I’m offering this Special reading  for only $75 (50% off)

Thank you so much for this opportunity to SHARE  and wish you many blessings on your path.

From the Heart Tribe  *Star*


Planets in transit Feb. 2013

Our Solar System

Our Solar System

1-30-13 ~ Jupiter represents expansion, good fortune and opportunities. It is the largest planet in our solar system and also offers us “protection” from outside forces. It  moves direct 1-31-2013 and since it’s in Gemini (Air sign) there will be more communication, contracts, writing and networking going on! Retrogrades are excellent for “going back” and getting something that was missed, perhaps it’s timing, rewriting documents/books/articles that needed editing or people we needed to “re-connect” with and heal any misunderstandings.

Love you!!

Love you!!

Gemini’s (or whatever “HOUSE” in your natal chart you have in Gemini)  need to take advantage of this opportunity, perhaps moving, relocating, publishing, new career possibilities and “speaking up” for what you want. Remember that Gemini are Deer People and they maintain a sweetness about them that is irresistible when they turn on the charm! Jupiter stays 1 year in each sign, (it won’t be back for 12 years) and moves into the sign of Cancer on 6-25-2013. Cancer signs get ready for this transiting Jupiter return next!

2-1-2013 Venus moves into the sign of Aquarius (Air sign) until the 25th (it then moves into Pisces). During this transit there’s usually a need for FREEDOM to BE unique and share “one of a kind” energies.  Music, unusual creative projects and  artwork are the focus. Otter are playful and love family gatherings which is a good way to catch up with everyone!

Aquarius (Otter) Butterfly Clan, Silver (mineral) and Aspen (plant)

Aquarius (Otter) Butterfly Clan, Silver (mineral) and Aspen (plant)

Same day Mars moves into Pisces (Cougar) until 3-11-2013 and the dance begins …

Pisces (Cougar) is DREAMING the next step!

Pisces (Cougar) is DREAMING the next step!

a shifting of perspectives; Venus wants her freedom and is ready to speak up for it and Mars is ideally showing compassion and allowing this sensitivity to deepen all relationships. Excellent time for healing now; for Chiron (the wounded healer) is in Pisces, activating a Spiritual conjunction with Neptune in Pisces. This  involves a Master teaching to oppositions of male/female energy (Capricorn/Cancer),  the “I AM” Aries/Libra, the resolution of judgement & balance … unity of opposites, which is ONENESS.

Sun in Aquarius (until 2-18-2013) also shines its light, which enhances whatever projects it’s involved with. Perhaps there’s more creativity in advertising a new business, inventing new ways to promote what’s been on the “back burner” for some time or expressing your gifts in a new way. Bringing or joining people together for a “pow wow” would be a good idea,  sharing lots of love and support!

2-9-2013 New Moon in Aquarius also adds an emotional longing to fulfill our DREAMS now and this power day is celebrated by the Chinese New Year, of the Snake.

Chinese New Year 2013Year of the Snake

Chinese New Year 2013
Year of the Snake

We’ve talked about how powerful this is (previous posts) because of the planet Saturn being in the sign of Scorpio (Snake medicine) until  9-17-2015 and how this is representing a transformational “shedding of the skin” … getting rid of anything that no longer serves and this is happening globally! It’s just the same for everyone; rich or poor, sick or healthy … we are letting go and allowing that which is for our Highest good to manifest. The “KEY” is different for each;  unique teachings  and  individual “karma” to play out. So, in my humble opinion the sooner we get out of judgement, of self and others, the sooner we can get on to what our true purpose and responsibility to Earth Mother is! I love this Uranus (sudden & unexpected happenings) in Aries (Red Hawk) energy, there’s never a dull moment and it’s good to use those instincts to move quickly if necessary.  It continues to nudge us up side the head when we’re not listening, so that we can listen to what the intuition is saying! We’re honing our awareness by testing our reactions, becoming more aware of what we’re “saying” and owning it. Those with Aries  Sun/Moon may feel it more intensely, best to “circle” around and observe before committing to any projects first.  This is a powerful teaching of “centering the self rather than being self centered”. What “HOUSE” contains Aries in your natal chart? There’s a clue for evolving this energy and choosing other options.

Mercury (communicator) in Pisces (Cougar) turns retrograde 2-23-13 until 3-17-13. This is a time to “go back” and review past dreams, business concepts, contracts and intentions. Priorities and integrity are challenges and gifts now, we must be observant of our motives and justifications. Add this to the New Moon, a time of new beginnings, moving forward with our visions and claiming what we want and it’s a truly magical adventure with us as the DREAMER …

Full Moon Virgo 2-25-13 opposite Sun in Pisces allows us the “light” to see how far we’ve evolved with our relationships, compassion, critical nature, over thinking things and so many more self awareness issues. Ask “How does this serve?” … to argue, being right rather than kind, or being quiet and stuffing what you want to say or how does it serve to continue any behavior where’s there’s a need for approval from anyone! How does it serve? Letting go now …

Sweet Dreams and thank you for this opportunity to SHARE. Love & Blessings xoxoxo*


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I’m offering this New Year reading special for only $75 (50% off) code: BLOG


1/11/2013 New Moon Capricorn (Snow Goose)

New Moon in Capricorn-Snow Goose

New Moon in Capricorn-Snow Goose

This is the first New Moon of the year and the intentions we started the year off with are changing again! Snow Goose (Capricorn) does not like change, traditionally they return to the same migration-nesting  spots every year and they also mate for life. Together they guard the nest and when the time comes to move, the family often flies together. Teamwork is vital for the group, they respond to danger with lookouts that keep an eye out for eagles and other predators. Upon sighting a threat they call out to the rest of the flock, which may take flight. They are loyal and trustworthy and can be very defensive and strong when pushed up against a wall, they will not back down. And so it is …Today many “children” are moving back home with the folks because of the economic times, the family unit is changing, priorities are changing and values are coming back into alignment. The “family” is hunkering down with a wait and see attitude. The only security being what is in the moment and how to respond. The word responsibility has taken on a new meaning, the ability to respond to whatever presents itself in the NOW moment. We can learn a great deal by watching Snow Goose. Thank you!

Astrologically Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Pluto are all in Capricorn and this is what people are seeing in the news (Sun), feeling emotionally (Moon), talking about (Mercury), seeking loving relationships (Venus) and will be transformed by these changes (Pluto). It would seem that resistance to these changes only makes it worse, this may be why so many are “leaving” (dying) now, they just cannot accept the changes and physically their bodies respond to the fear.

Now let’s add Saturn (facing our fears and becoming the Master of them) in Scorpio (Snake) (until 9-2015) and we are ALL going through a “shedding” of our old ways. Snake doesn’t fear this process, it is a natural way of life but it must surrender during the process … renewed with a new “skin”, ready to live instinctively with strength and clarity. Watch how they go into a state of calm, often sinking their fangs into a tree branch and releasing … So Be It.

Scorpio (Snake)

Scorpio (Snake)

Now that’s what I want for this New Moon, to be able to release anything that holds me back from being the best I can be … clear, strong and determined not to let anything stop me! Now, I understand that it’s all been happening FOR me and not TO me and that’s made all the difference in the World. We are getting simpler in our lives, letting go of what no longer serves, giving all those things away (clothes, storage items, etc.) that we never (if ever) use and taking a close look at our spending habits. That is the gift of this New Moon in Capricorn

Blessings Dear Ones, from the Heart Tribe  xoxoxo*Star*





12/28/2012 Full Moon 7 degrees Cancer (Flicker) 2:21 AM PST

cancer-fullmoon212/28/2012 Full Moon  7 degrees Cancer (Flicker) 2:21 AM PST

The light of this Moon is Cancer, FLICKER (woodpecker). It represents unconditional love, they have little heart shapes on their tail feathers and orange color under their wings. It was said that the orange was from the fire Flicker put out by flapping its wings until the fire was distinguished.  The village and all the people there were sleeping … Flicker saved its “human” 2 legged family. AHO!
The Moon receives its LIGHT from the Sun Sun is in Capricorn.
Capricorn is “Father” energy,(opposite) Moon in Cancer is “Mother”.
Family plays an important role now; security, work and home are the main focus. Emotions are a big part of this cycle, listening to the “feminine”, and then acting in a “masculine” responsible manner. Balance of opposites.
Challenge: delegating to others so there’s more time with family. Trusting that it’s ALL happening for your Highest good.
Gift: a time for sharing resources and heart felt LOVE opening to emotional healing, healthy boundaries that allow others “in” without taking things personal.

We send blessings for this powerful time, just before we enter a new cycle 2013. May your homes be filled with family, health, prosperity, joy and gratitude! Thank you to ALL OUR RELATIONS   Love *Star*