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5/9/2013 New Moon Eclipse in Taurus 5:28 PM PDT

Welcome to the big “Council meeting” with Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars … all in Taurus (Beaver) and Venus entering the sign of Gemini (Deer) today! Beaver Medicine is all about work, family, values, integrity, persistence and determination. Beaver is also the practical Earth (Turtle Clan) sign, grounding excessive energies into expression … art and creativity which are activated! Family is priority and the team all works together to make their home safe, secure and prosperous!

beaver-familyTaurus (Beaver)

New Moon’s are about new beginnings, planting the “garden” in our imagination, setting our intentions for what we want to create with our “dreams” … what is our true life’s purpose and how to reach that goal! Eclipses can show us where those shadows are, what is “buried” that may come out and reveal those “sticky” areas that need healing. This awareness happens  so we can evolve these obstacles and move forward to fulfillment. Time to cleanse our sacred space, ready for the NEW visions to emerge and guide us to our fulfillment and purpose … So Be It!!

BTW where do you have this energy in your birth chart wheel? What HOUSE is being activated? This is a powerful “clue” to understanding this and how it relates to your personal growth.

Smudging with sage, cedar or your choice!
Smudging with sage, cedar or your choice!

Venus moved into the sign if Gemini (Deer) and is aligning with Jupiter (also in Gemini) for powerful energy of communication. Deer People are gentle, sweet and peace loving. This is a time of being very aware of our WORDS … they hold great power, especially when negative words are aimed at others. Our bodies are water and we hold this energy in our emotional bodies … we need to speak to others how we want to be spoken to! We ask for Deer Medicine to soften our words with kindness and awareness. After the 15th ( the rest of the month) the opportunity to apply this teaching will be the strongest. “Walking the TALK” now, this is the test … and GRATITUDE is still one of the best ways to resolve any misunderstandings. One way I’ve been applying this is by “owning” my behavior and consciously saying: “I AM so thankful for this awareness, THANK YOU for “mirroring” my behavior, I AM ready to release these old patterns of disrespect, rudeness and mean words”. And now remember the sweetness of Deer … they have a lovely disposition and very sensitive hearing!


With love and blessings, we wish for you a very AWARE and happy New Moon! Hope you’ve read the Sun Bear & Wabun books, they will continue to take you on a wonderful journey …

From the Heart Tribe *Star*



Planets in transit Feb. 2013

Our Solar System

Our Solar System

1-30-13 ~ Jupiter represents expansion, good fortune and opportunities. It is the largest planet in our solar system and also offers us “protection” from outside forces. It  moves direct 1-31-2013 and since it’s in Gemini (Air sign) there will be more communication, contracts, writing and networking going on! Retrogrades are excellent for “going back” and getting something that was missed, perhaps it’s timing, rewriting documents/books/articles that needed editing or people we needed to “re-connect” with and heal any misunderstandings.

Love you!!

Love you!!

Gemini’s (or whatever “HOUSE” in your natal chart you have in Gemini)  need to take advantage of this opportunity, perhaps moving, relocating, publishing, new career possibilities and “speaking up” for what you want. Remember that Gemini are Deer People and they maintain a sweetness about them that is irresistible when they turn on the charm! Jupiter stays 1 year in each sign, (it won’t be back for 12 years) and moves into the sign of Cancer on 6-25-2013. Cancer signs get ready for this transiting Jupiter return next!

2-1-2013 Venus moves into the sign of Aquarius (Air sign) until the 25th (it then moves into Pisces). During this transit there’s usually a need for FREEDOM to BE unique and share “one of a kind” energies.  Music, unusual creative projects and  artwork are the focus. Otter are playful and love family gatherings which is a good way to catch up with everyone!

Aquarius (Otter) Butterfly Clan, Silver (mineral) and Aspen (plant)

Aquarius (Otter) Butterfly Clan, Silver (mineral) and Aspen (plant)

Same day Mars moves into Pisces (Cougar) until 3-11-2013 and the dance begins …

Pisces (Cougar) is DREAMING the next step!

Pisces (Cougar) is DREAMING the next step!

a shifting of perspectives; Venus wants her freedom and is ready to speak up for it and Mars is ideally showing compassion and allowing this sensitivity to deepen all relationships. Excellent time for healing now; for Chiron (the wounded healer) is in Pisces, activating a Spiritual conjunction with Neptune in Pisces. This  involves a Master teaching to oppositions of male/female energy (Capricorn/Cancer),  the “I AM” Aries/Libra, the resolution of judgement & balance … unity of opposites, which is ONENESS.

Sun in Aquarius (until 2-18-2013) also shines its light, which enhances whatever projects it’s involved with. Perhaps there’s more creativity in advertising a new business, inventing new ways to promote what’s been on the “back burner” for some time or expressing your gifts in a new way. Bringing or joining people together for a “pow wow” would be a good idea,  sharing lots of love and support!

2-9-2013 New Moon in Aquarius also adds an emotional longing to fulfill our DREAMS now and this power day is celebrated by the Chinese New Year, of the Snake.

Chinese New Year 2013Year of the Snake

Chinese New Year 2013
Year of the Snake

We’ve talked about how powerful this is (previous posts) because of the planet Saturn being in the sign of Scorpio (Snake medicine) until  9-17-2015 and how this is representing a transformational “shedding of the skin” … getting rid of anything that no longer serves and this is happening globally! It’s just the same for everyone; rich or poor, sick or healthy … we are letting go and allowing that which is for our Highest good to manifest. The “KEY” is different for each;  unique teachings  and  individual “karma” to play out. So, in my humble opinion the sooner we get out of judgement, of self and others, the sooner we can get on to what our true purpose and responsibility to Earth Mother is! I love this Uranus (sudden & unexpected happenings) in Aries (Red Hawk) energy, there’s never a dull moment and it’s good to use those instincts to move quickly if necessary.  It continues to nudge us up side the head when we’re not listening, so that we can listen to what the intuition is saying! We’re honing our awareness by testing our reactions, becoming more aware of what we’re “saying” and owning it. Those with Aries  Sun/Moon may feel it more intensely, best to “circle” around and observe before committing to any projects first.  This is a powerful teaching of “centering the self rather than being self centered”. What “HOUSE” contains Aries in your natal chart? There’s a clue for evolving this energy and choosing other options.

Mercury (communicator) in Pisces (Cougar) turns retrograde 2-23-13 until 3-17-13. This is a time to “go back” and review past dreams, business concepts, contracts and intentions. Priorities and integrity are challenges and gifts now, we must be observant of our motives and justifications. Add this to the New Moon, a time of new beginnings, moving forward with our visions and claiming what we want and it’s a truly magical adventure with us as the DREAMER …

Full Moon Virgo 2-25-13 opposite Sun in Pisces allows us the “light” to see how far we’ve evolved with our relationships, compassion, critical nature, over thinking things and so many more self awareness issues. Ask “How does this serve?” … to argue, being right rather than kind, or being quiet and stuffing what you want to say or how does it serve to continue any behavior where’s there’s a need for approval from anyone! How does it serve? Letting go now …

Sweet Dreams and thank you for this opportunity to SHARE. Love & Blessings xoxoxo*


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3/22/2012 New Moon Aries (Red Hawk) with Sun, Mercury and Uranus

Moon through the medicine wheel

New Moons represent new beginnings, it is a time to plant our seeds and allow them to grow.  FYI: New Moons are always in the same sign as what the Sun sign is, Full Moons are always the opposite sign, the mirror. Aries (me, I, I AM) opposite sign – Libra (we, complacency, Oneness). The polarities are strongest now, each with a story of why the “me” is more important than the “we”, Libra says don’t make any waves and upset the status quo, keep the peace! (often stuffing those feelings) – Aries says let’s go for it, we are powerful warriors with determination to win at all costs! They’re often stepping on toes while focused on goals.  Now bring in Mercury retrograde, representing going back to look at contracts, discussions, communications of all kinds and now Uranus, representing sudden, unexpected actions, lightning quick, flashes of intuition and Divine Higher Mind access. Indeed, this could be an intense power play or a big wake up call. Big Winds, floods, Earth Mother moving, it’s getting our attention for sure. Uranus will be in Aries until March 5, 2019, we will be letting go of old outworn ideas, we cannot hold on to anything material, this is a spiritual energy. It is a choice that every individual part of the “I AM” will have to make, “ALLOW MORE … LIMIT LESS” is working for us as a prayer. Palms up, surrender to Great Spirit knowing that everything is serving. That’s a huge leap of faith but it seems the only way to really balance this energy. Our choice is: Do it NOW or do it LATER, we will have to let go of the control, there’s too many other energies at work creating this scenario to ignore this message.

Part of the opposition is about the balance of Saturn (Master/Teacher, facing our fears) in the sign Libra (scales of justice). Libra (Raven) is admired for tribal loyalty, connecting with light and dark polarities, humans and nature,  shadow work of our deepest fears and peace of mind. We call upon Raven for awareness of those around us, protection from fire and dark energies, for wisdom and confidence.

Libra (Raven)

The group consensus reality (the group dream) will tell the story, what does the “me, me, me” want or  perhaps we can access the “I AM” of Peace, Love and Oneness with respect for all of life, to ALL our relations. AHO!

From what I get astrologically, The Council of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Uranus has a very simple (Aries) message. Aries represents the childlike nature we have on the position of the wheel. As we start out from the East with Wabun (Golden Eagle) it is birth, courage for a NEW DAY, open to the adventure. As the buds are opening on the trees, we are also opening to the light of the Sun to warm us, the Moon to inspire us from within our soul’s longing, with Mercury, to be able to speak our truth from a balanced place, “centering the self, rather than being self-centered”, with Uranus, tapping into our Divinity and Higher Mind, a gift of intuition.

We are waking from slummber, the BIG WINDS MOON of Pisces (Cougar) has shaken things up and we’ve entered a new place on the wheel.  We step into the next position, The BUDDING TREES MOON, with Red Hawk (Aries) who doesn’t miss much! We call on this ally, this hunter Red Hawk, with its keen eye sight and awesome power, to help us find what we need to honor the “self” in balance. We call upon the Thunderbeings, their creative FIRE within, sparking our souls to hear what Great Spirit has to say and sharing that truth with others. We are putting aside ego and a need to be the center of attention, giving credit where due. We call forth from the mineral kingdom the Fire Opal to enliven our spirits with its magical colors of the rainbow, to aid us in being “Rainbow Warriors” for Spirit and Truth.We call upon the medicine plant Dandelion to cleanse our bodies of toxins and energize us with that brilliant golden yellow color. AHO to ALL OUR RELATIONS!

Red Hawk, Fire Opal, Danelion, Thunderbeings

One of the teachings of this planet is that of duality; night/day, left/right brain, male/female, good/bad … FEAR OR LOVE. Make your choice, we can’t do both. Which Master do you serve? The medicine wheel is a magical guide to that  place within each of us that helps us access our power! Today, we make ceremony honoring  fire, earth, air and water, uniting Father Sky with Mother Earth, within our hearts.  May we set our intentions on walking in balance with gratitude for this earth walk and all these experiences to evolve our Spirits! Blessings xoxoxo *