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3-20-2013 Sun enters Aries (Red Hawk) 4:02 AM PDT

aries-MWAHappy first day of Spring … it feels so good to come out of the “dark” and a time of hibernation, to this glorious new beginning of adventure, potential and life! The teachings from this place in the Medicine Wheel offer many opportunities to be the “warrior”, to what degree depends on the personal power of the “I AM” spiritual energy of each and the “mirrors” they meet. It’s important to observe very closely now, Aries is about “centering the self, rather than being self-centered“. Aries energy is that of the “I AM”  … afraid of nothing and ready for any adventure! With MARS as my guide and mentor, I have a great deal of energy, enthusiasm, courage and determination. “I AM” Fire… creative energy… “I AM” ready for the journey… Sounds just like Red Hawk! AHO!

Venus (lover of peace & beauty) enters Aries until 4-15-13 and it joins the Sun (focused spot light) and Uranus (sudden and unexpected actions), which activates this fire sign energy. Women are playing a bigger role in deciding what is fair in love and war and Venus will be heard!

“Being of the Budding Trees Moon, the first Moon of the Spring, the moon of the spring Equinox, gives Red Hawk people a further boost in energy levels. This is the moon that governs one of the most rapid times of growth for all of earth’s children, and so it brings with it an energy of rapid growth and change. This helps to give Red Hawk people their apparent adaptability, an ability to grow quickly from one philosophy or project to another.” (Sun Bear pg 44*)

Red Hawk circles above and examines before acting, for this is a time of keen observation and patience. This “higher” perspective can give a view of things that others may not see. Red Hawk loves to flow with the air currents and fly with ease and great joy, So Be It NOW for us to bring our dreams back from the Pisces dream time and create the reality that we desire.

Red Hawk (photo by Samadhi Janet Rose)

Red Hawk (photo by Samadhi Janet Rose)

Full Moon Aries (Red Hawk)

Aries (Red Hawk)

Thunderbird Clan (Fire Signs) represents the ego and the “creative fire within” which manifests goals. Ego will find its balance during this time.

Dandelion is their Plant; the bold yellow/gold color expresses active, energetic lifestyles and detoxifies the blood stream after a long winter.

 Opal is their Stone, which stimulates creativity to get things started and the fire energy to finish them. Opals are symbols of hope and their sparkle ignites!

Have a wonderful and exciting journey, we love and bless you!

From the Heart Tribe  *


*Please read “The Medicine Wheel:Earth Astrology” by Sun Bear & Wabun, to enjoy the full body of beautiful teachings and stories.


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3/22/2012 New Moon Aries (Red Hawk) with Sun, Mercury and Uranus

Moon through the medicine wheel

New Moons represent new beginnings, it is a time to plant our seeds and allow them to grow.  FYI: New Moons are always in the same sign as what the Sun sign is, Full Moons are always the opposite sign, the mirror. Aries (me, I, I AM) opposite sign – Libra (we, complacency, Oneness). The polarities are strongest now, each with a story of why the “me” is more important than the “we”, Libra says don’t make any waves and upset the status quo, keep the peace! (often stuffing those feelings) – Aries says let’s go for it, we are powerful warriors with determination to win at all costs! They’re often stepping on toes while focused on goals.  Now bring in Mercury retrograde, representing going back to look at contracts, discussions, communications of all kinds and now Uranus, representing sudden, unexpected actions, lightning quick, flashes of intuition and Divine Higher Mind access. Indeed, this could be an intense power play or a big wake up call. Big Winds, floods, Earth Mother moving, it’s getting our attention for sure. Uranus will be in Aries until March 5, 2019, we will be letting go of old outworn ideas, we cannot hold on to anything material, this is a spiritual energy. It is a choice that every individual part of the “I AM” will have to make, “ALLOW MORE … LIMIT LESS” is working for us as a prayer. Palms up, surrender to Great Spirit knowing that everything is serving. That’s a huge leap of faith but it seems the only way to really balance this energy. Our choice is: Do it NOW or do it LATER, we will have to let go of the control, there’s too many other energies at work creating this scenario to ignore this message.

Part of the opposition is about the balance of Saturn (Master/Teacher, facing our fears) in the sign Libra (scales of justice). Libra (Raven) is admired for tribal loyalty, connecting with light and dark polarities, humans and nature,  shadow work of our deepest fears and peace of mind. We call upon Raven for awareness of those around us, protection from fire and dark energies, for wisdom and confidence.

Libra (Raven)

The group consensus reality (the group dream) will tell the story, what does the “me, me, me” want or  perhaps we can access the “I AM” of Peace, Love and Oneness with respect for all of life, to ALL our relations. AHO!

From what I get astrologically, The Council of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Uranus has a very simple (Aries) message. Aries represents the childlike nature we have on the position of the wheel. As we start out from the East with Wabun (Golden Eagle) it is birth, courage for a NEW DAY, open to the adventure. As the buds are opening on the trees, we are also opening to the light of the Sun to warm us, the Moon to inspire us from within our soul’s longing, with Mercury, to be able to speak our truth from a balanced place, “centering the self, rather than being self-centered”, with Uranus, tapping into our Divinity and Higher Mind, a gift of intuition.

We are waking from slummber, the BIG WINDS MOON of Pisces (Cougar) has shaken things up and we’ve entered a new place on the wheel.  We step into the next position, The BUDDING TREES MOON, with Red Hawk (Aries) who doesn’t miss much! We call on this ally, this hunter Red Hawk, with its keen eye sight and awesome power, to help us find what we need to honor the “self” in balance. We call upon the Thunderbeings, their creative FIRE within, sparking our souls to hear what Great Spirit has to say and sharing that truth with others. We are putting aside ego and a need to be the center of attention, giving credit where due. We call forth from the mineral kingdom the Fire Opal to enliven our spirits with its magical colors of the rainbow, to aid us in being “Rainbow Warriors” for Spirit and Truth.We call upon the medicine plant Dandelion to cleanse our bodies of toxins and energize us with that brilliant golden yellow color. AHO to ALL OUR RELATIONS!

Red Hawk, Fire Opal, Danelion, Thunderbeings

One of the teachings of this planet is that of duality; night/day, left/right brain, male/female, good/bad … FEAR OR LOVE. Make your choice, we can’t do both. Which Master do you serve? The medicine wheel is a magical guide to that  place within each of us that helps us access our power! Today, we make ceremony honoring  fire, earth, air and water, uniting Father Sky with Mother Earth, within our hearts.  May we set our intentions on walking in balance with gratitude for this earth walk and all these experiences to evolve our Spirits! Blessings xoxoxo *