2012 entering the Medicine Wheel with Snow Goose (Capricorn)

CAPRICORN (12/22 – 1/19) Spirit Keeper: Waboose/White Buffalo •Power Direction: North •Element: Earth •Clan: Turtle •Animal Guide: Snow Goose •Plant: Birch TreeStone: Quartz Crystal  •Moon: Earth Renewal  Motto: ”I Utilize”

We start the New Year with Capricorn, Snow Goose leading the formation with determination, power, stamina and tradition. Snow Goose is all about family, group energy, foundation and structure, and prefers order and continuity of the ways that “work”, not caring much for change. The Planet Pluto ( yes, we still honor this planet!) represents transformational rebirth, letting go of anything that no longer serves and is in the sign of Capricorn. The World is definitely going through this with banking (money, currency in transition), housing (foreclosures, homelessness) and redefining priorities in our personal lives.

This “process” of change continues throughout 2012 but is assisted by transiting Jupiter in the sign of Taurus, the Beaver. Beaver is manifestation of our dreams, getting simple and prepared for the future. This is a 12 year cycle, once every 12 years and on June 10th, 2012 it moves into the next sign Gemini, the Deer.  Communications of all kinds is active with Gemini and the gentleness of Deer can help to mentor volitile situations and find peaceful solutions.  So what were you doing 12 years ago?  This may give you a clue to what you may want to manifest this year. Jupiter is benevolent and expansive, protective and generous and if we look at this as happening FOR us not To us we’ll get the gifts, it will be easier to maintain balance and we stay grounded.

Transiting Saturn in the sign Libra, the Raven, is about going into the darkness (void) to create what we want and communicate that dream! Raven guides us as a guardian through the darkness into the light. It has been there a couple of years now, to be able to see where our fear is so we can Master it! Saturn represents caution, reserve, release and wisdom. Collectively we’re all seeking balance, being released from judgmental thinking and self righteousness. To be set free to forgive and love. Just imagine the heart on one side of the scales and a feather on the other side … unconditional LOVE!

Sunday 1/8/2012 Full Moon 18 degrees in Cancer, the Flicker, at 11:30 PM PT. The Moon gets its light from the reflection of the Sun, the unity of opposites shining as One. Flicker (Wood Pecker) represents the mother/feminine aspect, while Snow Goose (Capricorn) is father/paternal energy. Father/Mother God/Goddess, Great Spirit, All That Is, permeates our “feeling knowing” energy today.  It may be time to peck away until we see our vision. This is an excellent Moon to look at your wish lists and dreams to see the reality, viability and truth of these visions.

January 20, 2012 we move into the sign Aquarius, Otter … Freedom!