6/5/2012 Venus in Gemini Eclipses Sun starting @ 3:10 PM PDT

Star’s (us) meditation this morning brought out some very interesting and profound messages … Divine Feminine is speaking … for some,  gently in a nurturing loving way, others may receive it through a LOUD expression from the female energies!We heard it LOUD and clear today. It starts at 3:10 PM PDT, is exact at 6:10 PDT, light a candle, open your heart …

What makes this transit so fascinating is that Venus in Gemini (Eclipsing the Sun) last occurred in 1874 and the Transatlantic Telegraph Cable was invented! Communications opened up (Gemini) and ALL people were learning about each other, their cultures, sharing dreams, celebrations (Venus) and honoring the Earth Mother/Goddess. Women were emerging with a VOICE to speak their truth, seeking peaceful solutions to war and violence. Here we are again …

Open Heart

The image of Venus standing face on to the Sun invokes a powerful force symbolically. How many “women” are standing in front of their “men” demanding to be heard?? How many are saying “Enough of this story, we need to see the truth, what do we want to create?” No shadow here, only brilliant TRUTH stepping it up with no fear … Intimacy, “into-me-see”, Divine Relationship in a sacred way.

Neptune is in Pisces (higher octave of Venus), it just turned Retrograde (going back for more teachings) and traveling with Chiron (the wounded healer). It makes sense that a Spiritual connection is needed in relationships now, more than ever. Neptune is also confusion and illusions, so when we set our intentions to be in a sacred space, the relationship has a chance for the healing, to bring it to the next level!

The story of White Buffalo Calf Woman reminds us to look at the sacredness of our relationship … Today, read the story for a good message! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJrpZi33gnI&feature=related

As STAR we see that more and more people want what we have … the TWO as ONE, He + She= WE. For 26 years we have been getting “understandings” about male/female and what works for us. The sacredness of that pure love, from the heart is rare and can only be achieved when the authentic self is allowed to shine through the darkness of the EGO. We mirror each other, work on what is the truth there and are safe to express all of it! We KNOW we are “Spiritual Beings having a human experience” and that seems to put things into perspective.

May you see ALL your “close” relationships in balance and beauty (Venus) and speak your truth with gentleness (Gemini), with deep compassion (Neptune) for the healing of your heart and that of others.  So Be It! AHO! xoxoxo *