4/6/2012 Full Moon Libra (Raven)

Libra (Raven)Starting the week on Monday the 2nd the Moon in Leo (Sturgeon) is finishing up with a weekend of “dramas”, excitement and a lot of self centeredness going around! It’s always “big” with this energy, we’re still in Aries, so expect it! Tuesday the Moon shifts into Virgo and we’ll be “analyzing” all of it! Virgo (Brown Bear), introspection, looking at motivation and intention and processing.  We start to feel the energy and light of this big beautiful Moon in Libra (balance) and if we take the time to embrace the messages … there’s BIG GIFTS!

Friday 4/6/2012 the Full Moon occurs at 12:19 PM (PDT) 17 degrees Libra (Raven). This represents shadow work, polarity of the light and dark, working in harmony and balance.  ALLOW the light of this Moon to bathe your body, mind and spirit, as the magical Raven takes you on a journey through truth/illusion, seeing the other side of situations, giving new perspectives. This is the Moon of nonjudgement, releasing the need to blame others or to have their approval. Our stories “they made me do it!” or ” I’m not good enough, smart enough, not enough money, or ?? In this light we can “see” whatever our excuse is that keeps us from our Highest Potential, what causes many to be “frozen” with fear unable to access the power of its opposite sign Aries the “I AM THAT I AM”. Now is, FACING OUR SHADOW, embracing the Light, flying through time and space with Raven as Guide and Protector! AHO Welcome Raven!

Raven (Libra)

Raven travel with me through the light and darkness safely.