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Sun enters Gemini 5/20/2012 8:16 AM PDT

DeerGEMINI (5/21 – 6/20)  Spirit Keeper: Wabun/Golden Eagle   •Power Direction: East  •Element: Air •Clan: Butterfly  •Animal Guide: Deer  •Plant: Yarrow  Stone: Moss agate  •Moon: Corn planting

Motto: “I Think”

Gemini- Deer Deer people have a sweet innocence, a spirit of adventure and need love and affection so they can give it away, especially to those who need it most.

Wabun, Spirit Keeper of the East: Golden Eagle – gives the gift of courage, vision and fearlessness.

Wabun- Spirit Keeper of the East

Wabun- Spirit Keeper of the East

Butterfly Clan (Air sign), always in thinking mode they prefer to be light hearted, rather than serious.

Butterfly Clan

Plant is Yarrow, used as a tonic for colds and flu symptoms; strengthens the respiratory system.

Plant is Yarrow

Their stone Moss Agate is perfect for their duality, joining together the mineral and plant kingdoms.

Mineral is Moss Agate

Challenge: Mental balance. Living life in the fast lane rather than slowing down and listening is the test.

Gift: Wit and cleverness keep them networking and socializing, they love fun and parties!

 “I think” … all our relations deserve to be respected and loved.

Blessings Star Savoy Alexander

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New Moon 5/20/2012 Solar Eclipse Gemini

mirrorView the video: Solar Eclipse May 20, 2012

Many of us are still “reeling” from the Super Moon earlier in the month, feeling a bit dizzy and disoriented, open and ready, nervous or excited! That Moon was Taurus (the manifestor, Beaver Medicine) This Moon is Gemini, Deer Medicine, is a magical adventure if one chooses that path. And it’s Eclipsed at 4:47 PM PDT this Sunday the 20th.

Deer MedicineThis Gemini New Moon (new beginnings/projects/hopes and wishes) is zero degrees in Gemini (communications/quick minded/creative) and FYI Gemini is ruled by Mercury. Venus is retrograde in Gemini and we have what is called a mutual reception with Mercury (Ruler of Gemini). The stage is set …Venus (female energy/art/beauty) is retrograde (apparently going backwards, getting something we missed) it is time to SPEAK UP (communicate), honoring the SHADOW (eclipse) of TRUTH (Sun-Moon “mirror” in Gemini). Perhaps things will be reveled that we did not see before. Eclipses symbolically show us what is hidden if we just look, mirroring what we SEE as our reality. Relationship are up for review on all levels, what are we willing to reveal about what we truly desire in our closest partnering s. Deer Medicine asks that we be gentle with our words, kind in our answers and be compassionate towards others.

Let us celebrate these new beginnings with the joy of getting to know all about Deer People as the Sun just entered Gemini as well!