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Full Moon March 8, 2012 in Virgo (Brown Bear)

Brown Bear

Virgo (Brown Bear)

In my experience, the energies of a Full Moon  are usually felt emotionally first, 3 days before and 3 days after.  When you know the sign it is in, there tells the story.  This Moon occurs at 1:39 AM PT on Thursday March 8th in the sign of Virgo (Brown Bear). The dance of polarities, with the Moon in Virgo (Bear) and the Sun in the opposite sign Pisces (Cougar). Cougar continues to watch and tune in with hypersensitive “knowing” when the time is right to “pounce” and get what it wants by listening to the BIG WINDS of change.

Brown Bear is starting to awaken from hibernation and has a body clock that knows when to emerge from the slumber! The Moon is stirring us to also awaken our dreams and see how (what we do)  SERVES others. Virgo is a path of service and to fulfill our destiny on the wheel we must ask ourselves, “What is serving me and how does it serve others”. How does it “serve” to not speak when we see injustice, how does it “serve” to speak up? The word “serve” is the code here, how does it serve to put yourself on the bottom of the list, or feel unworthy or …

This Full Moon will help us see what is really going on with others and our selves. Bask in the LIGHT of this gorgeous energy, it is a healing magical light when we ALLOW the gifts to help and heal us now. We are needed to be of service, time to get a healing massage or do something wonderful for your “self”.

The Planet Mars (warrior/determination energy) also remains in Virgo and this gives lots of support to accomplish goals. Mars charges ahead without consideration of others, Virgo helps to “see” how to channel this into positive ways. Solutions for peace are on the horizon.

Astrologically speaking Pisces (psychic sensitivity) /Virgo (analyzer, discernment) are highly activated with Chiron (healer) and Neptune (spiritual) both in Pisces. This brings incredible awareness to situations and guidance,  seen and unseen at this time and from the spiritual realms. It’s so important to listen and trust those first impressions (Pisces), the messages that speak to your heart. The Virgo energy  has great debate skills and can analyze everything, often times “stepping on the hose” of the flow by needing to know why. To OPEN the portal of these polarities we must step into the center of the wheel and open our hearts to ALL OUR RELATIONS … There is only Oneness, enjoy this BIG BEAUTIFUL MOON
With Love and Blessings, Star Savoy