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3/22/2012 New Moon Aries (Red Hawk) with Sun, Mercury and Uranus

Moon through the medicine wheel

New Moons represent new beginnings, it is a time to plant our seeds and allow them to grow.  FYI: New Moons are always in the same sign as what the Sun sign is, Full Moons are always the opposite sign, the mirror. Aries (me, I, I AM) opposite sign – Libra (we, complacency, Oneness). The polarities are strongest now, each with a story of why the “me” is more important than the “we”, Libra says don’t make any waves and upset the status quo, keep the peace! (often stuffing those feelings) – Aries says let’s go for it, we are powerful warriors with determination to win at all costs! They’re often stepping on toes while focused on goals.  Now bring in Mercury retrograde, representing going back to look at contracts, discussions, communications of all kinds and now Uranus, representing sudden, unexpected actions, lightning quick, flashes of intuition and Divine Higher Mind access. Indeed, this could be an intense power play or a big wake up call. Big Winds, floods, Earth Mother moving, it’s getting our attention for sure. Uranus will be in Aries until March 5, 2019, we will be letting go of old outworn ideas, we cannot hold on to anything material, this is a spiritual energy. It is a choice that every individual part of the “I AM” will have to make, “ALLOW MORE … LIMIT LESS” is working for us as a prayer. Palms up, surrender to Great Spirit knowing that everything is serving. That’s a huge leap of faith but it seems the only way to really balance this energy. Our choice is: Do it NOW or do it LATER, we will have to let go of the control, there’s too many other energies at work creating this scenario to ignore this message.

Part of the opposition is about the balance of Saturn (Master/Teacher, facing our fears) in the sign Libra (scales of justice). Libra (Raven) is admired for tribal loyalty, connecting with light and dark polarities, humans and nature,  shadow work of our deepest fears and peace of mind. We call upon Raven for awareness of those around us, protection from fire and dark energies, for wisdom and confidence.

Libra (Raven)

The group consensus reality (the group dream) will tell the story, what does the “me, me, me” want or  perhaps we can access the “I AM” of Peace, Love and Oneness with respect for all of life, to ALL our relations. AHO!

From what I get astrologically, The Council of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Uranus has a very simple (Aries) message. Aries represents the childlike nature we have on the position of the wheel. As we start out from the East with Wabun (Golden Eagle) it is birth, courage for a NEW DAY, open to the adventure. As the buds are opening on the trees, we are also opening to the light of the Sun to warm us, the Moon to inspire us from within our soul’s longing, with Mercury, to be able to speak our truth from a balanced place, “centering the self, rather than being self-centered”, with Uranus, tapping into our Divinity and Higher Mind, a gift of intuition.

We are waking from slummber, the BIG WINDS MOON of Pisces (Cougar) has shaken things up and we’ve entered a new place on the wheel.  We step into the next position, The BUDDING TREES MOON, with Red Hawk (Aries) who doesn’t miss much! We call on this ally, this hunter Red Hawk, with its keen eye sight and awesome power, to help us find what we need to honor the “self” in balance. We call upon the Thunderbeings, their creative FIRE within, sparking our souls to hear what Great Spirit has to say and sharing that truth with others. We are putting aside ego and a need to be the center of attention, giving credit where due. We call forth from the mineral kingdom the Fire Opal to enliven our spirits with its magical colors of the rainbow, to aid us in being “Rainbow Warriors” for Spirit and Truth.We call upon the medicine plant Dandelion to cleanse our bodies of toxins and energize us with that brilliant golden yellow color. AHO to ALL OUR RELATIONS!

Red Hawk, Fire Opal, Danelion, Thunderbeings

One of the teachings of this planet is that of duality; night/day, left/right brain, male/female, good/bad … FEAR OR LOVE. Make your choice, we can’t do both. Which Master do you serve? The medicine wheel is a magical guide to that  place within each of us that helps us access our power! Today, we make ceremony honoring  fire, earth, air and water, uniting Father Sky with Mother Earth, within our hearts.  May we set our intentions on walking in balance with gratitude for this earth walk and all these experiences to evolve our Spirits! Blessings xoxoxo *

Monday 3/19 Sun enters Aries (10:15 PM PDT) … Vernal Equinox


Red Hawk (Aries)

ARIES – Red Hawk (3/21- 4/19) 

•Spirit Keeper: Wabun/Golden Eagle  •Power Direction: East  •Element: Fire •Clan: Thunderbird  •Animal Guide: Red Hawk  •Plant: Dandelion  •Stone: Fire Opal   •Moon: Budding Trees    •Motto: ”I Am”

The sun enters Aries at the moment of the spring (or vernal) equinox, usually between March 20th and March 23rd, this year 3/19 at 10:15 PM PDT. Astrologically, this marks the beginning of a new astrological year, a time for honouring the past and looking to the future with renewed hope and anticipation. The Vernal Equinox, equal daylight and nightime. From now on, we get more light and new teachings.

In the Medicine Wheel we move out of Cougar (Pisces) the dreamtime, Moon: THE BIG WINDS of change, into the next postion (House).  The slummber of Winter is over, life is bursting forth through the frozen ground and now Red Hawk (Aries)Moon: THE BUDDING TREES MOON is recharged and the ”I AM READY”  attitude is ready for the adventure!  Red Hawk circles around using its keen vision, observing its surroundings and sharing with us how to be fully present in the NOW moment with focused determination.

Spirit Keeper of the East, WABUN (Golden Eagle) helps us to soar to great heights, going for the biggest visions with couage and power.

Spirit Keeper WABUN

Medicine Plant: DANDELION assists in cleansing our system from toxins and revives our energies. Golden yellow color energizes, like the plant that pops up every where, Red Hawk people can find themselves all over the place, the dandelion tea helps to calm one down. Flowers, seeds, eggs, fertility, rebirth,  strawberries, sprouts, stalks and salad greens, all are symbolic of new birth.

Medicine Plant: Dandelion for ARIES (RED HAWK)

Wishing a wonderful new journey, this is an exciting time we’re in, filled with opportunities and adventure, growth and freedom.

Love and blessings to all our relations. AHO!  xoxoxo *

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Flexible Strength

“Flexible strength is better than inflexible. Let the storm flow over you, and then pop back up.”  – Michael Kabotie, HOPI

Mercury Retrograde 3/12 – 4/4/2012

  Mercury - Communicator and networkerSaturn - The taskmasterMars - The Warrior

Mercury (communication, short trips, contracts …)  turns retrograde approx. 3 times a year and I see it as giving us opportunities to “go back” and get something we missed. It could be a chance to clear misunderstandings (Mercury) or look at contracts, taxes receipts, perhaps fix that battery in the car or get another phone! Mercury is fast moving so we need to act more quickly than some of are used to. To “seize the moment” is spontaneous and Mercury is in Aries (Red Hawk) until 3/23 when it moves back into Pisces (Cougar). (Aries) Red Hawk circles around observing surroundings ready for the hunt. It’s like we get to wake up from our dream time long enough to “see” what’s coming up and then we go back to the dream time and “see” if that’s what we really want. With Aries, it must be fun and exciting “spontaneous” as in Spring, birthing new life!

Mercury in the sign of Pisces (Cougar)  will continue sharing it’s frequencies with Neptune (Spiritual) and Chiron (wounded healer), both in Pisces. There is so much more “healing” for humanity to do at this time, Peace has a real chance at the negotiation table (Mercury) there might even be a Spiritual awakening for those with the power to make a difference (Neptune). We need to listen to our inner “voice” now, it is leading us to our true “potential”, our Divine Self awakens.

Saturn (teacher) is also retrograde in Libra (balance).  The more we “tune in” as a group consciousness in our dreams, envisioning  this peace and balance, the more likely we can achieve this goal. Libra is represented by the scales of justice,union of opposites in balance and non judgement.

3- Planet meeting: Mars (warrior) in Virgo (details) continues to be retrograde the rest of the month … the Pow Wow continues with Mercury (talking about it) Mars (aggressive NOW attitude) Saturn (Teacher/Master) showing us all sides of our choices.

Law of Attraction:


So be it, we can be the peace we seek, here is our opportunity! Look at your natal chart and see where all this “movement” is for you personally. If you don’t have one, go to my website, I would to share your “myth” with you!

Love and Blessings



Can You Feel It? Thoughts from Star

OH my, the energies last night we’re so intense, especially with the all the news channels talking about a Solar Flare storm hitting the earth. We stayed up until about 4 AM feeling the energies of this Full Moon in Virgo and wondered how all this info is serving humanity now.  For one, layers of fear keep popping up for review with many, including me! Virgo goes deep, it is in charge of the intestines and the assimilation process, how we digest information and use what is healthy, disregarding what does not serve. What a blessing this part of our teaching is, to be aware … revealing “What is really eating at you?” and just letting go of yuk!

Mars is also in Virgo and this just added fuel to the fire, I haven’t been able to slow down and process, feeling such an urgency to get things done! I’ve noticed an abrupt response from me and others on occasion, that would be Mars and it’s really about working on more awareness in the kindness department, to be a gentler energy in balance. It just does not serve anymore to NOT be the “I AM … having the freedom from fear and doubt and just BEING! We want to be real but also want to be kind and compassionate, that is LOVE. Pisces is really about compassion, “forgive them they know not what they do” there seems to be a lot of opportunities to practice this one! Moment by moment we abide in  the NOW

Thanks, hope you have a fabulous week ahead. Reminder that Mercury is going retro on Monday the 12th. Look for the next post.

Blessings to you and your families.  xoxoxo *

P.S. Today the Sun is out warming Earth Mother, and a Flicker just flew to the bird feeder and helped herself to fresh sunflower seeds, along with the squirrel and chickadees! Mr. Peabody did another full circle dance with his out stretched feathers for ALL to see! How blessed are we! AHO!

what’s the message here? HA!Kiss mine!!

Full Moon March 8, 2012 in Virgo (Brown Bear)

Brown Bear

Virgo (Brown Bear)

In my experience, the energies of a Full Moon  are usually felt emotionally first, 3 days before and 3 days after.  When you know the sign it is in, there tells the story.  This Moon occurs at 1:39 AM PT on Thursday March 8th in the sign of Virgo (Brown Bear). The dance of polarities, with the Moon in Virgo (Bear) and the Sun in the opposite sign Pisces (Cougar). Cougar continues to watch and tune in with hypersensitive “knowing” when the time is right to “pounce” and get what it wants by listening to the BIG WINDS of change.

Brown Bear is starting to awaken from hibernation and has a body clock that knows when to emerge from the slumber! The Moon is stirring us to also awaken our dreams and see how (what we do)  SERVES others. Virgo is a path of service and to fulfill our destiny on the wheel we must ask ourselves, “What is serving me and how does it serve others”. How does it “serve” to not speak when we see injustice, how does it “serve” to speak up? The word “serve” is the code here, how does it serve to put yourself on the bottom of the list, or feel unworthy or …

This Full Moon will help us see what is really going on with others and our selves. Bask in the LIGHT of this gorgeous energy, it is a healing magical light when we ALLOW the gifts to help and heal us now. We are needed to be of service, time to get a healing massage or do something wonderful for your “self”.

The Planet Mars (warrior/determination energy) also remains in Virgo and this gives lots of support to accomplish goals. Mars charges ahead without consideration of others, Virgo helps to “see” how to channel this into positive ways. Solutions for peace are on the horizon.

Astrologically speaking Pisces (psychic sensitivity) /Virgo (analyzer, discernment) are highly activated with Chiron (healer) and Neptune (spiritual) both in Pisces. This brings incredible awareness to situations and guidance,  seen and unseen at this time and from the spiritual realms. It’s so important to listen and trust those first impressions (Pisces), the messages that speak to your heart. The Virgo energy  has great debate skills and can analyze everything, often times “stepping on the hose” of the flow by needing to know why. To OPEN the portal of these polarities we must step into the center of the wheel and open our hearts to ALL OUR RELATIONS … There is only Oneness, enjoy this BIG BEAUTIFUL MOON
With Love and Blessings, Star Savoy

Words of Wisdom

“The beginning is purification, that’s the first step. And purification means purification of body and mind. You don’t purify the body without cleansing the mind; that’s the way it works.”
– Rolling Thunder, CHEROKEE

If we have bad thoughts or poison in our minds, they will eventually show up in our bodies in the form of headaches, pains, and stomach problems. It works this way because we are interconnected. Our minds and our bodies are one system. So when we start to grow, or commit to the Red Road, we need to start cleaning up our thoughts and start showing respect for our bodies. We start purifying our minds by prayer and meditation, and we start cleansing our bodies by getting the right amount of sleep and developing good eating habits. Today, I’m going to observe my thoughts. Will my thoughts be clean today?

Great Spirit, let me focus on Your love today so my mind will be pure.