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Planets in transit Feb. 2013

Our Solar System

Our Solar System

1-30-13 ~ Jupiter represents expansion, good fortune and opportunities. It is the largest planet in our solar system and also offers us “protection” from outside forces. It  moves direct 1-31-2013 and since it’s in Gemini (Air sign) there will be more communication, contracts, writing and networking going on! Retrogrades are excellent for “going back” and getting something that was missed, perhaps it’s timing, rewriting documents/books/articles that needed editing or people we needed to “re-connect” with and heal any misunderstandings.

Love you!!

Love you!!

Gemini’s (or whatever “HOUSE” in your natal chart you have in Gemini)  need to take advantage of this opportunity, perhaps moving, relocating, publishing, new career possibilities and “speaking up” for what you want. Remember that Gemini are Deer People and they maintain a sweetness about them that is irresistible when they turn on the charm! Jupiter stays 1 year in each sign, (it won’t be back for 12 years) and moves into the sign of Cancer on 6-25-2013. Cancer signs get ready for this transiting Jupiter return next!

2-1-2013 Venus moves into the sign of Aquarius (Air sign) until the 25th (it then moves into Pisces). During this transit there’s usually a need for FREEDOM to BE unique and share “one of a kind” energies.  Music, unusual creative projects and  artwork are the focus. Otter are playful and love family gatherings which is a good way to catch up with everyone!

Aquarius (Otter) Butterfly Clan, Silver (mineral) and Aspen (plant)

Aquarius (Otter) Butterfly Clan, Silver (mineral) and Aspen (plant)

Same day Mars moves into Pisces (Cougar) until 3-11-2013 and the dance begins …

Pisces (Cougar) is DREAMING the next step!

Pisces (Cougar) is DREAMING the next step!

a shifting of perspectives; Venus wants her freedom and is ready to speak up for it and Mars is ideally showing compassion and allowing this sensitivity to deepen all relationships. Excellent time for healing now; for Chiron (the wounded healer) is in Pisces, activating a Spiritual conjunction with Neptune in Pisces. This  involves a Master teaching to oppositions of male/female energy (Capricorn/Cancer),  the “I AM” Aries/Libra, the resolution of judgement & balance … unity of opposites, which is ONENESS.

Sun in Aquarius (until 2-18-2013) also shines its light, which enhances whatever projects it’s involved with. Perhaps there’s more creativity in advertising a new business, inventing new ways to promote what’s been on the “back burner” for some time or expressing your gifts in a new way. Bringing or joining people together for a “pow wow” would be a good idea,  sharing lots of love and support!

2-9-2013 New Moon in Aquarius also adds an emotional longing to fulfill our DREAMS now and this power day is celebrated by the Chinese New Year, of the Snake.

Chinese New Year 2013Year of the Snake

Chinese New Year 2013
Year of the Snake

We’ve talked about how powerful this is (previous posts) because of the planet Saturn being in the sign of Scorpio (Snake medicine) until  9-17-2015 and how this is representing a transformational “shedding of the skin” … getting rid of anything that no longer serves and this is happening globally! It’s just the same for everyone; rich or poor, sick or healthy … we are letting go and allowing that which is for our Highest good to manifest. The “KEY” is different for each;  unique teachings  and  individual “karma” to play out. So, in my humble opinion the sooner we get out of judgement, of self and others, the sooner we can get on to what our true purpose and responsibility to Earth Mother is! I love this Uranus (sudden & unexpected happenings) in Aries (Red Hawk) energy, there’s never a dull moment and it’s good to use those instincts to move quickly if necessary.  It continues to nudge us up side the head when we’re not listening, so that we can listen to what the intuition is saying! We’re honing our awareness by testing our reactions, becoming more aware of what we’re “saying” and owning it. Those with Aries  Sun/Moon may feel it more intensely, best to “circle” around and observe before committing to any projects first.  This is a powerful teaching of “centering the self rather than being self centered”. What “HOUSE” contains Aries in your natal chart? There’s a clue for evolving this energy and choosing other options.

Mercury (communicator) in Pisces (Cougar) turns retrograde 2-23-13 until 3-17-13. This is a time to “go back” and review past dreams, business concepts, contracts and intentions. Priorities and integrity are challenges and gifts now, we must be observant of our motives and justifications. Add this to the New Moon, a time of new beginnings, moving forward with our visions and claiming what we want and it’s a truly magical adventure with us as the DREAMER …

Full Moon Virgo 2-25-13 opposite Sun in Pisces allows us the “light” to see how far we’ve evolved with our relationships, compassion, critical nature, over thinking things and so many more self awareness issues. Ask “How does this serve?” … to argue, being right rather than kind, or being quiet and stuffing what you want to say or how does it serve to continue any behavior where’s there’s a need for approval from anyone! How does it serve? Letting go now …

Sweet Dreams and thank you for this opportunity to SHARE. Love & Blessings xoxoxo*

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1/11/2013 New Moon Capricorn (Snow Goose)

New Moon in Capricorn-Snow Goose

New Moon in Capricorn-Snow Goose

This is the first New Moon of the year and the intentions we started the year off with are changing again! Snow Goose (Capricorn) does not like change, traditionally they return to the same migration-nesting  spots every year and they also mate for life. Together they guard the nest and when the time comes to move, the family often flies together. Teamwork is vital for the group, they respond to danger with lookouts that keep an eye out for eagles and other predators. Upon sighting a threat they call out to the rest of the flock, which may take flight. They are loyal and trustworthy and can be very defensive and strong when pushed up against a wall, they will not back down. And so it is …Today many “children” are moving back home with the folks because of the economic times, the family unit is changing, priorities are changing and values are coming back into alignment. The “family” is hunkering down with a wait and see attitude. The only security being what is in the moment and how to respond. The word responsibility has taken on a new meaning, the ability to respond to whatever presents itself in the NOW moment. We can learn a great deal by watching Snow Goose. Thank you!

Astrologically Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Pluto are all in Capricorn and this is what people are seeing in the news (Sun), feeling emotionally (Moon), talking about (Mercury), seeking loving relationships (Venus) and will be transformed by these changes (Pluto). It would seem that resistance to these changes only makes it worse, this may be why so many are “leaving” (dying) now, they just cannot accept the changes and physically their bodies respond to the fear.

Now let’s add Saturn (facing our fears and becoming the Master of them) in Scorpio (Snake) (until 9-2015) and we are ALL going through a “shedding” of our old ways. Snake doesn’t fear this process, it is a natural way of life but it must surrender during the process … renewed with a new “skin”, ready to live instinctively with strength and clarity. Watch how they go into a state of calm, often sinking their fangs into a tree branch and releasing … So Be It.

Scorpio (Snake)

Scorpio (Snake)

Now that’s what I want for this New Moon, to be able to release anything that holds me back from being the best I can be … clear, strong and determined not to let anything stop me! Now, I understand that it’s all been happening FOR me and not TO me and that’s made all the difference in the World. We are getting simpler in our lives, letting go of what no longer serves, giving all those things away (clothes, storage items, etc.) that we never (if ever) use and taking a close look at our spending habits. That is the gift of this New Moon in Capricorn

Blessings Dear Ones, from the Heart Tribe  xoxoxo*Star*


12/13/2012 New Moon – Long Snows Moon – 21 Sagittarius (ELK) 0:42 AM PST

 •Spirit Keeper: Mudjekeewis/Grizzly Bear  •Power Direction: West  •Element: Fire  •Clan: Thunderbird  •Animal Guide: Elk  •Plant: Black Spruce  •Stone: Obsidian                  •Moon: Long Snows  •Motto: “I Perceive”

“From obsidian, people experiencing this position can learn about their abilities to perceive and mirror the thoughts and feelings of others. The black spruce teaches how to be soft and strong at the same time. and the elk demonstrates the power of beauty, majesty and cooperation. This is the position in which to learn about your desire for justice, and your ability to live with the dualities of nature and life. The Long Snows Moon teaches about mental strength, deep fear of emotions, relationships. teaching, and communicating. People in the elk position are insightful, independent, fearless, determined, and open hearted. They need to guard against being overly argumentative and erratic in intimate relationships. “Dancing with the Wheel” (pg 47) Sun Bear.

Thank you Marlise Wabun Wind for these books!

Since this is the last New Moon of the year, it represents an accumulation of experiences throughout our journey through the Medicine Wheel and now we go within and honor the teachings we’ve received and shared throughout the year. Obsidian is such a mysterious stone, it absorbs energy and holds it until it can be released. Personal experience of an obsidian ball we kept at home, it finally dumped everything out and I got really ill. Bury it or wash with running water, sage is also excellent! So let it be our intention, to CLEAR all negative energies we may be holding on (our or others).  It is vital now, our temples need the cleanse of sacred smudging.  The medicine of Elk is Black Spruce, the aroma is so healing and strong! You can also have a soothing cup of tea from this, it has the properties to loosen mucous and relieves congestion.

Smudging with sage, cedar or your choice!

The power of the Thunderbird Clan (Fire sign) represents the ego and the “creative fire within” to manifest goals. New Moon require this “fire in the belly” energy to accomplish these dreams and visions. I light a blue  candle on this New Moon, for peace of mind and clarity. Thunderbird shows us that the EGO is there to remind us of WHO we really work for, helps us get back on track when we listen. It has been said that “you cannot have the light without the darkness behind it”, the EGO gives us that choice and we say THANK YOU, without the tests, how do we know where our strengths and weaknesses are? Attitude of Gratitude is the way, it’s there right in front of us all the time! Elk medicine carries with it perseverance of always reaching for solutions to any problem and solving them!

Today the planet Uranus (Higher Guidance, Intuition) went direct and remains in Aries (warrior energy) and is Red Hawk power. If we take the time to “circle around” a situation and view it from a Higher perspective, we will get a bigger picture! Let that be our prayer for this time we’re in. From the view of Hawk, we can SEE there is only ONE Earth Mother and we are ALL her children. We are ALL in this together, we can use this warrior energy to activate that desire to resolve conflict and separation … to embrace ALL OUR RELATIONS in ONENESS, LOVE & PEACE.

Blessings Dear Ones, Aho Mitakuye Oyasin, from the Heart Tribe *Star*


11/21/2013 Sun enters Sagittarius (Elk), Venus joins Saturn and Mercury already in Scorpio (Snake)

SAGITTARIUS (11/22 – 12/21)  Spirit Keeper: Mudjekeewis/Grizzly Bear  •Power Direction: West  •Element: FireClan: Thunderbird  •Animal Guide: Elk  •Plant: Black Spruce  Stone: Obsidian  •Moon: Long Snows  Motto: ”I Perceive”

Thank you for joining us to speak of this new energy coming in NOW as we hear the bellowing of the mighty Elk in the distance. Before we can fully engage  with this, we are still processing what this Scorpio – Snake medicine has shared and is continuing to share.  How are you being affected by this transformational experience? In theJourney Through the Zodiac (E-Book) we must pass through the 8th HOUSE (Scorpio) which represents how we deal with death, dying, rebirth and hidden resources. We continue the journey to the 9th HOUSE (Sagittarius) where there is a spark of light that beckons us from the “dark void“ to come into the Light and see things from a different perspective. That is where we are NOW, yet this Saturn in Scorpio energy will need to be integrated, it continues on until Sept. 2015, and we have time to learn the lesson … to Master the meaning of this teaching of surrender, passion and unconditional love.

When we entered into the Sun in Scorpio I KNEW this was going to be intense. As the snake sheds its skin, it KNOWS HOW to relax and allow the process (resistance hurts!) This is so that a new, healthy and vibrant body can emerge! Jokingly I said “Pack your bags, we’re going to the void” … little did I know what those words really meant! I packed a lot of fear, anger, guilt, confusion and suffering into this trip, things that had been “stuffed” to deal with later and “stuff” that wasn’t even mine! The VOID is where we “create” our reality, fear or love, suffering or peace and I was able to unload a lot of excessive baggage while the Sun was in Scorpio. Issues of sexuality, misuse of power and survival fears were also there. I also realized that there is no “mine” and “yours” … ultimately there is only ONENESS and what I learned was to bring it back here and share with others. So many of us have felt this dark night of the soul and we give thanks to Great Spirit that we KNOW that everything is happening FOR us and not TO us.  It IS ALL to evolve our Spirit! To be grateful for the lessons and the opportunites to CHOOSE love over fear. Lots to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Mercury (in Scorpio) turns direct on 11/26/12 and this has been a good retrograde period for so many, going “back” into old “power controlling” energies of the Scorpio wounds and “seeing” them for what they really are. Once we can identify them, Saturn then helps us to KNOW what the TRUTH is! We are the Teacher/Student and the Master and can choose to operate from a different frequency, anytime we want. Now enters Venus, bringing her passionate Scorpio goddess energy in and the power feels awesome! Until Dec. 15th, Venus dances through the dark and the light with renewed energy from the rebirthing experience. Enjoy the sensual delights and passion she brings to the occasion!


SAGITTARIUS (11/22 – 12/21) •Spirit Keeper: Mudjekeewis/Grizzly Bear •Power Direction: West •Element: Fire •Clan: Thunderbird •Animal Guide: Elk •Plant: Black Spruce •Stone: Obsidian •Moon: Long Snows
•Motto: “I Perceive”

Joining the ”group” is Sun in Sagittarius, the optimistic problem solver who has the vision to reach the top of the mountain and knows how to get there. Sagittarius leads us on a new magical journey, showing us how to reach out and trust others. There’s lots of solutions and resolutions going on when we listen.  Elk medicine has strong power, stamina and the strength to reach higher towards those dreams and goals. As we listen to our inner Guidance (Thunderbird) we are given the council to see what serves the Highest good of all. Obsidian helps mirror the experiences, often absorbing the energies as a way of healing any situation. (Be sure to cleanse your stones often when working with their energies) The Black Spruce Pine clears away the negative energies, breathe it in!

This is such a wonderful and exciting time to be in. We have the opportunity to face our fears, clear the “body” of toxic energies and claim our power in a humble and serving way. The TIME is NOW, we need your LIGHT Dear Ones!

We send Love and Blessings to you ALL and with deep gratitude to our Ancestors and ALL OUR RELATIONS we say AHO! THANK YOU!

From The Heart  xoxoxo*Star*

11/13/2012 Solar Eclipse New Moon 21 Scorpio (Snake Medicine) 2:08 PM

Snake Medicine People

“I Create” … from the void where all things are possible.

SCORPIO (10/24 – 11/21)  Spirit Keeper: Mudjekeewis/Grizzly Bear  •Power Direction: West  •Element: Water •Clan: Frog   •Animal Guide: Snake  •Plant: Thistle  •Stone: Malachite  •Moon: The Freeze Up  Motto: ”I Create”

“The snake teaches adaptability and the capacity to silently travel to places others might fear to go. This is the position  to learn how to travel between the different realms of creation and how to become a messenger for the spiritual aspects of life. The snake will teach you about the extent of your own energy, your ability to create change, your inquisitiveness, your desire for truth and your keen sight. When working with the Freeze Up Moon you must be careful to keep yourself grounded and not to become too suspicious of people.”  Sun Bear “Dancing with the Wheel”

What a good opportunity to look within and see your “dark moon”, known also as the shadow and what purpose it serves.  Mercury is still retrograde (apparently going backwards) and this is creating a space to explore these areas more in depth. Saturn is also joining this Pow Wow perhaps accelerating the need to look at it NOW rather than later. Seems like that’s the choice … “You can do it NOW or you can do it later”.  “It” is different for each and usually has to do with where our addictions are and how to evolve that energy. EVERYTHING NOW concerns our perspective about FEAR … (False Evidence Appearing Real) and it’s here NOW for those who want to be more conscious, more aware and loving. See where your fears are and you have your answers to your individual evolvement, your destiny and fulfillment. AHO!

Snake is such a powerful Teacher, all they need is respect and they’ll leave you alone if that’s what they want! We gain an immunity to poison when we’ve been “bitten” enough and learn how to transmute that into a medicine for healing. Much like the Thistle and it’s “prickly thorns”, once you get past the obstacles and meet the true Scorpio energy, you have been blessed with their special “medicine” of wisdom and deep passion to explore universal truths.

Blessed Be, may we turn those fears into gifts and messages from Great Spirit to teach us what we need to learn so we can be better stewards for Earth Mother and our future generations. Patience is a gift of Snake, rather than lashing out, may we be slow to anger and be able to transmute other peoples energies so they do not bother us. May we “shed” those old habits and ways that hold us back from being the best we can be! May we respect and honor ALL OUR RELATIONS and thank them for these teachings. SO BE IT!

Thank you so much for sharing this vision we offer from the HEART TRIBE. New Moons are always about new beginnings, time to see what you want to create next! This is a powerful Moon, as they say “be careful what you wish for, you just might get it”. Gratitude and Mindfulness is the blessing here.

Love and Blessings sent your way.  *Star*

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Autumnal Equinox – Sun enters Libra 9/22/2012 7:49 AM PDT

Autumnal Equinox 9/22/2012 at 7:49 AM PDT

As we meditate on the image of the SUN gazing into the face of the MOON imagine this … just for a short moment they share the deepest and most Divine LOVE of Oneness and sheer JOY just to see each other again! AHO Blessed Be! Then they must assume their position of equality and balance and keep moving until they meet again!

The POWER of this day September 22 (a Master number) offers us the opportunities to receive our VISION and PURPOSE in a BALANCED nonjudgemental way. The shift or “turn” is happening now, we desend into our shadow self and experience this next teaching.

With Libra we are offered the gift of forgiveness; it is coming from our heart center, the heart is showing us the power of “IS-NESS” … it just IS what it IS! No right or wrong, bad or good, it just IS what it IS. Introspection reveals the areas of judgement, of self or others, so we can “see” what needs to be released. Can you feel the power of this gift? We must forgive before we can move on, it IS the Universal Law.

The Journey through the Medicine Wheel brings us from the House Virgo (Brown Bear) and seeing all the details we need to take care of, to the House of Libra (Raven). Raven helps us to look NOW at the seeds we planted earlier in the year, asking us what are we going to reap from our gardens?


You cannot hide the truth, look deep within!

Today, may we open our hearts to the resolution of opposites and use the power of that opposition to integrate it into our heart center. The LIGHT needs the DARKNESS behind it to shine … We must honor both our shadow and our spiritual selves to be WHOLE! We light a white candle and smudge, giving thanks and  humbly sharing the gifts we have received.

Thank you for taking the time to reflect with STAR, we are sending big love & blessings! xoxoxo*

AHO MITAKUWE OYAS’IN (Deep Gratitude To All Our Relations)

8/1/2012 Full Moon 10 degrees Aquarius (Otter) 8:27 PM PDT

8-1-2012-Full Moon

Otter shines on this Full Moon

This should be an exciting week starting August off with a big beautiful Full Moon in Aquarius (Otter). We played with friends and had a wonderful time last night and today, just enjoying life with deep appreciation.. Otter reminds us how special our “beloved’s” are … appreciation of our families and extended families are the priority this cycle.

BTW this is a good time to take your crystals and stones     outside and “charge” them in the moonlight. We also love to moon bathe … ENJOY!

Just jumping in the lake! HA! ENJOY!

Now this is relaxing for me … Star got a workout!!

HOWL at the Moon tonight … OWOOH!!!!! Blessings.